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vcommission scam

Vcommission is a real scam publisher stay away

So today I’ll be giving you an in-depth review of how vcommission scams with their publisher. These is something my personal experience so not a single word is lie in this in depth post.

In the year 2016, I applied on Vcommission after seeing a video on how affiliates are changing the life off publishers and how people are making millions using affiliate networks, so I too thought to give a try… At that time I was already working with Adversal and my incomes were like $100+ so thought why let’s not increase my revenue but what happened rest is a history.

I called Vcommission affiliate network and they asked a portfolio of my works so that I can pass their eligibility criteria. Now, after giving them the screenshot of my affiliate payment screenshot on other networks She approved my request and it was like ” Congratulation Your Account is created with us”, you’re now our affiliate partner.

And this was my reaction:

How Vcommission Spams Publisher?

So, the story starts now… You’ll get to see a list of bunch of ads where the payout is extremely high… Yeah! it’s very high. So you can see some mouth melting ads like $180 for CPA on Casino networks. So anyone will love to promote those offers won’t you?

Then I placed a call to them about an offer of “Flirchi”, I told her that I can bring about 100 leads a day for “Flirchi” but the traffic will come from Adult network. Her reaction: Wait ” I need to consult with my team”, I was like you’re an account manager and you cant make a decision on your own. So I waited it took 2 hours for her to decide that I can’t; I was like okay I’ll choose any other offers that will stay long. She picked up lybrate offer for me the payout was “$1.5” per leads for it as it was a “CPL” offer.

She told me the different ways that I can promote it and also that there’s total comfortableness with this offer as they’re not so strict with the leads and they don’t have any trackers to track things.

I was like cool things sounds nice at my end, let’s give it a try.

How Vcommision Scams Publisher Part 2

So, I started the work from Monday. The month was ending nearly so I thought that in a week I’ll earn good and will reach the payout in a go.

I promoted the material using their banners by creating web 2.0 sites (Website Created on Blogspot) ย and brought traffic by email marketing. I used Mailchimp and their custom HTML codes. Bought email from an Bulk email sender company ( Found through Freelancer) , sent about 600 emails and the reply was 100 visits and 6 leads only.

Initially the month ended and I thought yes my 6 leads will be counted now and I’ll reach the payout criteria. Now see what was the offer’s TC.

  1. The First Thing was user fills three sections, that includes name, a question on health and phone number.
  2. Second was User will receive an OTP in their mobile and if they confirms then only leads are counted and there as no return criteria so I was always on the safe side.

Vcommission: A must no thing for publishers

Now, when the month ended I called them. She picked my phone up and I was like why is my payout not updating? She told me we need 1 month to verify the leads. I was like 1 month to verify 6 leads only that are genuine by all forms.

I sensed that something was fishy in it. After 6 days more I saw the Lybrate campaign got removed. The campaign that was supposed to be run for an year was suddenly dropped even the Advertiser moved away from them.

I paused my campaigns immediately as I got to understand that a total spam is going on in it. So after waiting a month this is what I received.

vcommission scam

My reaction after reading it:

vcommission scam

I knew that’s the only way possible to scam a publisher where come I bidded the brand lol? So that was an awesome way by which vcommission scams publisher. So they scammed me just “Inr 540”, let’s consider 200 publisher like me who earned this much in 7 days lol! :p So counting that they can scam about 108,000.. Well by that amount they can pay to their employees ๐Ÿ˜›

So a great scamming is going in the affiliate networks that says am the “Best Cpa Scammer” of the world let me scam you :p.

So you may be thinking am the only one who is scammed if so then that’s totally false see the other victims in here.

vcommission scam

Here’s an Interesting video that highlights a lot ๐Ÿ™‚

So what’s your take on Vcommssion scam? let us know about that in the comment section.