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How to Install lollipop Rom on HTC Desire 620G

Lollipop Rom

Today’s topic is how to install lollipop rom or cyanogen mod 12.1 on HTC desire 620G. So this will be a comprehensive guide with all the information needed so don’t be in a hurry and read carefully each and everything. So firstly the required things are rooted phone, the recovery, the rom and gapps. Don’t worry I’ll provide you everything in one click so you don’t need to be in a mess.

So here’s the step by step guide of installing lollipop rom on your HTC desire 620G.

Installing Lollipop Rom on HTC Desire 620G

At first you need to root your HTC desire 620 G. So here’s the exact process of rooting your phone from scratch.

Root HTC Desire 620 G

Now you know how to root your phone and am assuming that you’ve already rooted your HTC desire 620G so it’s time now to go to step 2 to download the storage and installing it.

Installing Lollipop Rom on HTC Desire 620G Step 2

Rashr recovery
At first download the recovery, then follow the steps listed on how to execute it.

Download HTC Desire 620G Latest Recovery

So, you have downloaded the recovery. Now go to playstore and type “RASHR” and then install it. So now you’ve the Recovery in your SD card and RASHR installed on your device.

RASHR will work only with rooted phone so rooting the phone was the first step. Now open RASHR and install the recovery from storage and once done it will ask you to reboot your phone.

Congratulation now you’ve installed the recovery. You can go to recovery anytime by holding the Volume Down + Power button.

Installing Lollipop Rom on HTC Desire 620G Step3

So you’ve the recovery installed on your device and it’s rooted. The final step is to install the rom now. So download the rom from here.

Download HTC Desire 620G Lollipop Rom or CM 12.1 Rom

Now paste the rom on your SD card and follow this steps.

  1. Go to recovery by Volume Down + Power Button.
  2. Then click on Clean  to Install a New Rom from Wiping Menu.
  3. After that choose your Rom from Sd card. (Install Zip from SD Card Option)
  4. Wait 4 minutes and click on Reboot System Now.
  5. Your Rom is Installed Congratulation!

Now it’s time to install your Gapps, so download the gapps from the link given below and then copy the gapps in your SD-Card. Then go to recovery by following the point 1 and then choose the gapps from the option install Zip by SD card.

Download Gapps from here

That’s All folks, share your views and tell us if you’re unable to to do this. You can also request for an update for your device in here or be it anything.