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Sub Domains plays a major role in blog ranking. Here are my proven guaranteed technique that will helps you to Google index a sub-domain in blogger. Sub-domains are free and can be made in a large quantity, it provides a great value for your event blogs. You can also use them to create PBN’s.

This post will deal with everything, from creating a sub-domain, customizing it and indexing it. Many of us create sub-domains but the major problem they face are that the domains are not indexed by google.  Here is my guaranteed way that will index your whole sub-domain withing a day. Follow the guide and don’t miss a single line.

Google Index A Blogger Subdomain: First Step

The first step is to choose the name of the blog. At first go to blogger, select the name of your domain. Once you’ve selected the sub-domain name it will create a blog for you. Quickly go to the stats section. if you see a hike in traffic in that very minute, say the traffic is showing “500+” then understand the blog existed previously.

You can also use “archive way back machine” to see if the sub-domain existed. If the sub-domain existed then there can be chances that it got de-indexed or any other issues so simply avoid it. Delete the blog and choose a fresh name that has no past foot prints. So I’m assuming that you’ve selected a name that’s not de-indexed by google previously.

Customizing The Sub-Domain!

So you’ve already chosen the name it’s time to customize it. Add a secured https connection in your blogger blog. Adding https gives you a positive notch. Now it’s time to do some tweaks, go to the settings section and head on to “BASICS”.

Under basics, give it a proper name, add a description that’s relevant to your blog. Make sure it’s listed on blogger and visible to the search engine. That’s all you need to do under the Basic section.

Now go to the “Search Preference” section. Click on it and enable the “Meta Description” add a valid meta description of 150 words. Once added wait a bit now, you need to verify your blog with search console and you need to add your sitemap too.

Give Your Website a Theme!

Your website looks dull with the basic theme, if you’re in hurry of creating thousands of blogs then you can stick with the default on but if you want to spice it up then go add a custom theme. You can get themes from here,  provides you with amples of themes to choose from.

Add Some Contents

Adding contents are necessary if you want your sub-domain to get indexed within a day. You can easily copy contents from the blog and spin it. I recommend you to use this free website , you can spin as much as contents you want to spin from here. Make sure to use unique titles.  Add about 8-10 spun contents.

Make Your Contents Better

You can spin contents but make sure the title is unique. Add “Labels in your blog”, labels are categories. Make sure to label your articles properly. Add a “Search Description” in your post.

The Final part

Add your blog to the webmaster tools, if you’re using the same email that you used to create the sub domain then the property will be automatically verified. But in case if you’re using different email then you need to manually verify it. Go to the “META TAG” and copy the tag from there. Once copied go to your blogger dashboard, then to “theme”. Under Live theme you’ll be able to see the option of “EDIT HTML“, paste your meta tag below the head section of your blog and click on save.

Webmaster tools will now verify your property. Now you’ll be able to access your search console dashboard. under the dashboard choose the option of “CRAWL” followed by “FETCH AS GOOGLE“. Fetch all the urls of the blog including your Articles.

Most Important Adding the Sitemap

Once your blog is having articles, titles and meta’s are defined then you’re ready to generate the sitemap. Sitemap can be generated using CTRLQ, paste the url of your blog there. Now copy the generated sitemap.

  1. Next go to your Blogger dashboard and under Settings – > Search Preferences, the enable Custom robots.txt option (available in the Crawling and Indexing section). Paste the clipboard text here and save your changes.

And we are done. Search engines will automatically discover your XML sitemap files via the robots.txt file and you don’t have to ping them manually.


Here are the bonus ways that will helps you to index it a bit faster. Once you’ve generated the sitemap submit it in your “Search Console” sitemap section.

Second tip includes to manually add urls to google. This tools helps you to manually submit your links to google.

That’s all for the contents every parts are covered and hope you’ll like it. Your blogger sub-domain will be google indexed within a day if you perform all the steps mentioned above. If you got any queries then do comment below.

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