Well, Blogger is allowing you to add a https for your custom domains. Now you don’t need to pay extra money to add https certificate if your blog is hosted on a blogger platform. Here is the complete guide that demonstrates on how to add a free https certificate for your blog hosted in blogger platform.

You’ll need to wait about two hours until your blog gets verified. Here are the complete steps that you need to perform in order to add the https certificate. It’s easy as pronouncing “ABCD”.

Add a https for your custom domain in blogger

At first sign in to your blogger account. Once you’re at the dashboard go to the “SETTINGS” section. Under that you’ll find a list of options, go to “BASICS” from there. Once in there, you’ll be able to see a “HTTPS availability” section.

Now turn that on. Once you turn that on your domain will be sent for a verification. Wait for two hours and you’ll be ready to see a secured connection in your blog.

Note: After your blog (Custom Domain) is opening properly in a secured connection., make sure to turn on the https redirect. Turning on the https redirect will force your website to be opened in a secured connection every time.


Till now blogger was allowing you to add a secure https connection to it’s sub domains but later this month it’s allowing https connection for every custom domains too. It’s a wise move and very helpful to those who can’t spend money on buying https certificates.

This certificates are signed by “Let’s Encrypt” so it won’t trigger any false warnings. A secured blog makes it looks more professional so make sure to use it and make your blog more secured.

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