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How to Earn Money Using Quora on 2018

earn money using quora
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Looking to make some quick bucks using quora? Well you can make a hell lot of money using quora, this is what you need to follow in order to earn money using quora. If you’re thinking you can make money easily then you’re wrong as money is hard to earn and you need some good plannings in order to earn money in a legit way. Before starting the guide make sure you pay a lot of attention and don’t miss a single line from this blog post.

If you’re searching something related to making money using quora, I can assume that you have the basic knowledge of quora. Incase you don’t have you can take a look here.

What is Quora?

So basically quora is a place to gather and share knowledge now you maybe thinking how can I make money even from a place like this?

The question is legitimate as even quora don’t implement any ads in their website. Here is a guide from Pando that says how quora made money.

A little off topic but I think you should know them before starting the guide on how to generate earnings using quora. So here is the guide in details.

earn money using quora

Create A Strong Quora Profile To Earn Money Using Quora

Creating a strong profile is what you need to do in order to establish yourself. A strong profile will help you with a passive income. At first you need to build your profile, then you need to choose the niche that you’re best on.

Here is a best example “Say Mark is a Quoran”, he writes about iPhones. In a span of 6 month he outranked everyone with his knowledge and he gathered 60,000 followers from UK, US and Canada.

So what can Mark do now? This could be your first question? How can he make money using this followers that’s obviously is your second question…

Well, don’t be in a hurry am answering all your questions.

earn money using quora fake followers

Create Fake Followers to Boost your Profile

Creating fake followers is something that you really need in order to progress in a platform like quora where the competition is so high. Quora is very loose when it comes to creating an account so you can make the mot out of it. There are no benchmarks like adding the mobile numbers and confirming the otps and all. You can easily signin with your social accounts.

Now create about 100 fake accounts and keep on up-voting the answer of your primary account. Now with the number of up-votes your answers comes to the spotlight and you automatically get more up-votes from real users.

So “Mark” is the primary account and rest 100 fake accounts keeps on up-voting “Mark’s answers” over a cycle of time.

Here is a guide on “How to Build your first 1000 followers on Quora

Assuming that Mark has an established profile now.

amazon associates

Partnering With Ecommerce website

Now here is when affiliate marketing comes handy. You’ve a set of followers who are targeted on iPhone’s, they blindly follow you like anything so it’s time to play some little tricks. Remember Quora will never exist without questions.

earn money using quora

Now raise questions with “Buying iPhone keywords” using some of your fake accounts that you created at the past. Also you’ll find lots of people asking “Why should I buy an iPhone” “Which iPhone should I buy in 2018” “is it worth buying iPhone 6 in 2018“.

So all you need to do is to answer them and due to your huge followers and expertise your answers will be nominated and highlighted at the beginning of the question with the number of up-votes it will rank high. Now by signing with ecommerce giants like “Amazon Affiliates” you’ll get commissions per sale.

Amazon USA Affiliate Sign-Up

Amazon UK Affiliate Sign-Up

India Affiliate Sign-Up

Note: I won’t get a penny if you use any of this links, it’s just to help you….

Due to it’s popularity quora is always ranked high in “Google Search Engine” so chances are high to get your product sold online.

Summing it Up

So you can say this to be a starter guide in order to earn money using quora. Mark maybe expert in iPhones so he will sell some but if you’re expert in any other things then you can also make the most with quora as the traffic you’re getting from it are all your targeted customers so play fair with them

Literally with an established profile you can sell anything as the audience is too big and there is literally no moderators to keep a “check on affiliate links“.

Selling iPhones using quora is just an idea to encourage you, you can sell a hell lot of items if you’ve the knowledge but before everything you need an established profile and a bunch of followers.

Do you’ve any other ways to earn money using quora? If so what’s that? Do share your way in thy comment section…..

Apologise: This guide could have been a more informative but I wanted to keep it as straight and simple as possible.

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