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Install Kodi on smart tv [Solved]

install kodi on your smart tv
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How to install kodi on smart tv or install kodi on smart tv. Are you looking for any such things? Not every television provider are providing you with the feature of kodi installed on their smart tv so you need to be wise to choose the brand if you’re hoping for the feature of kodi.

Brands like Samsung, Lg, Sony and Vizio are one of the top brands who are providing you with pre-installed kodi or letting you to install kodi on your tv. Now let’s straightly ahead on how to install kodi on your tv.

How to Install Kodi on Samsung Smart Tv

When you’re buying tv for yourself samsung is the best brand for you due to it’s user friendly nature and the way they adapt with android Os. Mostly all the smart tv that samsung develops comes with android Os but if you’ve a hard luck and you got the tizen Os then sadly my friend you can’t install kodi on your samsung Tv. Incase if tizen Os isn’t installed then you should be happy as you’ll be able to install kodi on your samsung smart tv. Here are the exact steps that you need to follow in order to install kodi on your samsung smart tv.

  • At first Open your samsung smart Tv. Once done go to Playstore.
  • In your playstore, go to the topmost search bar and search “kodi” on it.
  • You’ll get the option to download and install kodi from there.
  • Once installed you’re ready to run kodi on your samsung smart tv.


How to Install kodi apk on Your Samsung Smart Tv without playstore

If you’re looking to install kodi in your samsung smart tv without downloading the apk from playstore then follow this simple steps that will guide you to install kodi on your smart tv.

  • Download the Kodi apk from here. [You’ll be redirected to the official site]
  • Once downloaded install the apk on your samsung smart tv.
  • Now you can enjoy your movie shows with great fun.
  • Remember you need a file manager on your samsung smart tv in order to access the kodi apk. So you can download and install any file explorer for android like “ES-File Explorer”

Install kodi On your Smart Tv without Android Os

If you’re unluckily not having the Android Os then don’t worry you an still have all the fun of kodi like other users do have. You need to trick a bit in order to install kodi on your non-android tv.

All you need is a Nexus player or a kodi Roku streaming stick and that’s all for you to get started.

Step by step guide to install kodi on Lg Smart tv

Here is the complete guide to install kodi on your lg smart tv. Don’t worry as if you’ve bought a lg tv then you don’t need to do much as it runs flawlessly in it without any lags. Lg too have the same problem lie samsung as most of their smart tv runs in the android platform but some run on WebOS so if it is running on WebOs then you need to by a kodi roku stream stick or a nexus player to run kodi on your lg smart tv.

Installing on Lg tv is the same as on thy samsung tv but follow this steps.

  • At first go to the google playstore. Once there hit on the search bar.
  • Type “Kodi” on your search bar and wait for the result to pop up.
  • You’ll find that the “Kodi App” will appear as the first result.
  • Download and install it.

That’s all you’re ready to run kodi on your lg smart tv and enjoy it’s beneficial features.

Install Kodi on Vizio Smart Tv

Here you need to concentrate a bit as installing kodi on vizio smart tv is a bit different than others. Incase if you find kodi is pre-installed on your vizio smart tv then you’re lucky if not then you need to buy a fire stick in order to install kodi on your vizio smart tv. So follow this exact guide;

  • Plug and Play your fire stick on your Vizio Smart tv. [It can be any firestick of your choice]
  • Now you can finally access “Google playstore”.
  • Search for “Kodi” and the first result will be the app you need to install.
  • No download and install the kodi app on your device.
  • You’re all set now to enjoy kodi on your vizio smart tv


Installing kodi is pretty simple. You can replicate this same process for all the brands that comes pre-installed with Android Os. If you want more fun then you can install kodi from it’s official site the link is given too. Once installed your world of dreams comes true. If you’ve any questions then do comment below.


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