How To Unlock An Android Phone Password Or Pattern Lock

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Are You Looking to unlock an android phone password or pattern lock? You can unlock the password and pattern lock in any android device by using this 2 quick steps. Even if the device is asking for email address to unlock still you can try this method and it will work like a charm…

So let’s not waste any time and start unlocking your android phone that is pattern or password locked.

So Basically the unlocking method that I’ll be telling you will work even if your device is not rooted or be it has a stock boot loader installed in it.

All sort of devices basically performs the same pattern only Samsung is a bit different few a times.

Step 1: How To Unlock A Locked Android SmartPhone

At first all you need to do is turn your phone off. Just simply turn it off and remove the battery from your device. In some cases the battery comes static with your device and can’t be removed so if that’s the case with you, then just simply turn it off or shut it down. Insert the battery again.


Assuming that you’ve already turned off your device and if your battery was removable then you’ve removed and reinserted it. In case non-removal then you’ve kept it as it is. Now if you’re using HTC, LG, Redmi, Micromax, Motorola, Lenovo devices then Hold the Power Button + Volume Down button together and release the Power Button after the logo pops up.

Incase you’re using Samsung devices then you need to hold Power + Menu Button + Volume down together.

Once done, android 3e recovery will pop up on the main screen.

Note: You can’t navigate using your touchpad as your touchpad won’t work in thy recovery mode. You need to navigate using Volume Up, Volume Down and Power Button.

In Android 3e Recovery you’ll get the option of “WIPE DATA PARTITION” and followed by “WIPE DATA CACHE“. All you need to do is click on “WIPE DATA PARTITION” after that there will be a chain of “no” and in the mid you’ll find a single “yes” just click on that and wait till it get’s wiped. Once wiped, come back and opt for “WIPE DATA CACHE” it will follow the same pattern.

You’re done now, all you need to do is that “Go Back” and hit on “Rebbot”, your device will reboot now, apps will get updated and your device will be resetted. Congratulation! you’ve successfully removed your android phone’s pattern or password.


Well, there’s an issue with this process that is you have to loose all your data that resides on your phone. But wait! If your Google Account has synced your contacts then you won’t be loosing anything and more to that photos are also backed up in your Google Account. So always backup your data! If you’ve any questions or if you’re having problem to unlock your device then feel free to comment below and I assure you that I’ll help.

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