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If you’re looking for Omegle alternatives then I’ve compiled a best list. This list will not only help you to find a better omegle alternative but also you will find girls and strangers who are ready to have a chat with you. All the sites listed here are the best omegle alternatives to speak with strangers without registration. Yes! none of the website listed here will ask for additional charges and are safe to browse unless and until you’re providing your details to the stranger.

Boys don’t worry you’ll find girls here who are ready to chat with you 😉

So let’s start with the Top 10 Omegle alternatives for the year 2016 and 2017

Chat Random

It’s a very easy website all you need to do is that, just go to and you need to hit on the start button. For better experience you can just turn the camera on so that you don’t get disconnected or skipped easily. You can choose your preference whether you want people with camera or not. Just don’t click on “Chat with Girls Only” a that’s a paid feature. You can get the App from Playstore too.

Warning: Matured Contents in There!


This website is quite good you will find real girls here easily who won’t skip you that frequent. This website is not so popular so you may see random faces again and again and you can get girls easily 😛 Now don’t be over excited just go and visit “” It has both preferences of chatting and video chat.


Yes, it’s awesome too to find strangers online. You can do a video chat with random girls here. It shows you predefined locations so there’s no mess all around. The video section is kept clean so you don’t need to worry that much. You can take a look at “”


This one is really awesome to speak with strangers who are girls by nature. You can choose your country preference. heavy moderation is been taken care so make sure you’re behaving well. You can report any accounts that you don’t find suitable a perfect place for teen girls and boys to chat with each other randomly and safely.

You can take a look at:

Talk With Stranger

Just give a nick name and you’re ready to chat or talk with strangers. It’s easy to use but the frequency or the probability of getting girls is a bit less here 🙁 Don’t say me mean 🙁

Rather if you’ve a clear mind. Ps: I know you got it what I mean by a clear mind then you’re ready to go in here to have some great chats.

Have a look at:

Chat Roulette

You may ask why you’ve listed this website so below? There is a simple answer of it as this website needs a registration and also it has matured contents. So if you’re over 18 bored wanna have some fun then surely it’s a hit for you. You can get a decent amount of girls here who are ready to go at thy most extent also it’s not moderated that much. Easy to use so you can have a look to it at ””.

Tiny Chat

Needs registration 🙁 Well don’t be afraid as they don’t gonna charge you a single penny. You can just do a normal signup or you can use your social account to signup there anomalously. I’ve given it a lower position as compared to others as it has lots of ads and for the presence of registration but still you can make the most of it so have a look at :

Hey People!

Hey People is a great website, all you need to do is a “ZAP” to find new people based on your common interest. No need to register or anything shitty. You can have a great user-friendly experience as it’s properly maintained well animated and the best pat of it is that it contains no advertisements. Kinda awesome right? Let’s explore at : “”


Whenever you’re browsing any websites like this don’t provide your personal information. It’s very hard to trust a stranger and it will be worse if you’re thinking you’ll get a sole-mate from here. Banned from omegle or Interested to speak or talk with a stranger then these are some of the sure shots for you. Happy speaking with strangers Online, any doubts drop a comment.

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