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indian condom startup
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Yes now condoms and contraceptive pills will be delivered to your door step in less than an hour. Now in case if they fail to deliver in time you get a bonus that is an absolutely free package what more can be more awesome for anyone. So you can see they are promising you the time frame.

This is a Delhi based startup named as SMS Contraceptive. It’s most common in India that people of the age between 18-25 feels uneasy when it comes to buy this things so for their welfare and to save them from the awkward gestures of chemist this startup is promising to deliver this contraceptive items in 30 minutes near their door step.

You can order all sorts of medical products related to this niche using direct phone calls, whatsapp, snapchat and SMS. Currently this service is related to Gurugam a suburb of Delhi but it claims that they will expand their services in near future.

Though several shopping portals offer contraceptive products, no big player in India promises home delivery within an hour. Moreover, during waning hours of the night, pretty much every option is off the table.

Whether SMS Contraceptive will succeed in materializing its nation-wide expansion plans, or even stay in business, remains to be seen. But the traction it has been getting underscores a market in India, that many could make use of.

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