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iPhone 7 battery saving tips or how to save battery on your iPhone 7 could be the thought for many? I’m right I guess? It’s been the complain of many users that they are facing battery draining issues when they upgraded to iOS 9. Don’t worry if your battery is draining fast, you don’t need to hassle now on charging your device or new iPhone 7 every time as these top 5 tips will definitely help you to save your battery of iPhone.

Find What’s Draining The Battery on Your iPhone 7

You should always know the cause before implementing your actions. So all you need to do is just go to the settings of your iPhone 7 app. After that you can hit on the general section and scroll to the battery section.

In that section you can easily find who is consuming what percentage of battery value. Once the inspections are done then eliminate them and close them accordingly to your needs. Mainly applications like Youtube, Facebook, Twitter are the cause of most battery drainage.

iPhone 7 Junk remove

Eliminate Junk Files

We often forget about the junk files. The junk files are nothing rather than temporary cache which gets created over time. Now you can ask me how are they affecting me?

They are affecting your storage. But storage has nothing to do with power consumption. I agree, the fact is for initiating each applications that you wish for will take more time than the usual and will consume more powers.

The only solution of it is to use any of the phone cleaner available in the market to get the best value.

background app

Make The Background refresh Turned Off For Apps

Turning off the background refresh for application will not only speed up your device but will also boost your device up.

To turn it off you can go to settings and after that you can head on to General followed to background fresh app. Turn it on for the applications that you don’t use frequently and it will extend your iPhone 7 battery life.

IOS 9 Settings

Adjusting Screen Brightness

Well that’s something everyone knows to be practical. Many may claim that we turned to Auto-brightness but that’s not the right way. You need to make sure auto-brightness is turned off and manual brightness is turned on setting up an optical value (Preferably Low).

iPhone wifi off

Turn Off the Wifi and Location Services When Not in Use

Wifi is the main issue of your battery life. Start the habit of turning the wifi off when not using it. Turning  wifi on causes a lot of battery drain so make sure you turn it on and off accordingly to your needs.

How to Close: Just Go to Wlan, followed by Enable ask to join Network On and turn that off.

Location services are ideal for everyone as it helps you to know where you’re presently in? It also helps you in determining the driving directions, finding new local places and much more. But the verdict of this facilities is huge battery loss 🙁 So learn the habit of turning it On and off accordingly to your needs.

How to Close: Settings, Followed by Privacy and finally to location services.


These tips are nothing rather than life experiences on using iPhone. I’m thousand percent confident that this will definitely help you to increase your battery life on iPhone 7. If you’ve any doubts or a better way to save the battery life on your iPhone then don’t forget to mention in the comment section below 🙂

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