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How to get a Free Domain Name and Free hosting

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Do you want a free premium domain and a free hosting that gives 99% uptime? If so you’re at the right place. I’ll guide you on how to get a free premium .tk, .ml, .cf, .ga, .gq absolutely for free. Also I’ll guide you on how to host them on a free hosting. Not only things ends here as I’ll also guide you on installing wordpress on that website along with pointing and managing the Nameservers. So let’s begin the guide.

free domain name

How To Get a Free Domain Name

Currently you can get a free domain name for an Year. Also you don’t need to perform any surveys for it nor their will be any hidden charges or they will ask for your credit or debit card details.

At first you need to go to “FreeNom

free domain name

Once you’re in there then type the name of the domain you’re looking for and hit on check avaibility. If the name is available then you’ll get to see something like this:

free domain name

So once you get the option of get it now then it defines that the domain name is available. Now make you hit on get it now and the domain name will go to cart. Once in cart hit on checkout.

free domain name

Now here is the trick that you need to do. At first you need to choose the time period of the blog by default it’s three month but you can extend it upto 12 month at free of cost.

At the Middle you can see two options:

  1. Forwarding the Domain Name
  2. Use DNS

Forwarding is not our concern we will hit on “USE DNS”. Once done you’ll get two options called as

  1. Freenom DNS
  2. Your DNS

You need to hit on your DNS. But halt Man! Do you’ve the DNS? The answer is no. Now comes the Hosting part. Now let us Assume you go the DNS which is basically two Nameservers and two IPS. We’re Assuming to end this part. Once you’ve wrote the DNS configuration then it will ask for your basic details and after you give up all your basic details your purchase will be successful.

Note: In the Basic Details they won’t ask about your bank or Card Information.

Note: I’ll give you the DNS too. So you need to stop at that section of DNS. If I can’t clear this part then please watch the video. 🙂

How To get A Free Hosting

So you’ll need a hosting in order to complete your domain pointing successful and to get your DNS too. So all you need to do is go here:

Go to Hostinger.

Then You Can Click on Order a free Hosting.

free hosting

Once you click on that then you need to fill up a simple form. Once you fill up the form check back your Email. You will get the password for your “” the ID and Password will be what you will fill up in the form. All the points will be written clearly on the mail section.

Now once you’re in your cpanel of hostinger. You need to create your free hosting.

  1. Beside the Home at the primary Menu you will see the option called “Hosting”
  2. Under Hosting Click on New Account.
  3. You will see a comparison chart like this.

free hosting

Incase you change your mind you can choose Premium that I recommend everyone to choose for. If not no issues you can always choose the Free one. Just Click on Order Now. Once you order the product it will ask you to choose your domain name.

Change the domain defaults from Subdomain to Domain. Once changed pick the Url of the domain name that you bought from “FreeNom”.

Warning: Don’t add “www” or “http:” or “https:” it will be or any extension you wish for.

Once you’re done adding the domain it will say like your domain is not pointing to our Nameservers. Don’t be tensed this is the reason I asked you to stop at “DNS Section of the Domain Provider”

All you need to do is click on the domain name in your hosting panel and the interface should look like this:

free hosting

Under Account you can see the option of Details in there. That is the place where all the name servers and the hosting details are kept so you need to click on details and it will show like this:

free hosting

All you need to do is pick the first two name servers and make sure you capitalize them. Suppose Name server 1 is “” then it should be “NS1.HOSTINGER.IN” followed by the IP and 2 is “” should be “NS2.HOSTINGER.IN” followed by IP otherwise there will be error in “Freenom”. I’m sure you understood what you need to put on that assumption part if you still have any doubts you can watch the video below where everything is done and showed from scratch.

That’s All Folks

I’ve given the total guide on how to get a free premium domain name and free hosting. Also if you watch the Video which is highly recommended then you can learn on how to install the wordpress as a bonus. Hope you like the article in case of any doubts, don’t hesitate just fill the comment section. Please share my posts as much as you can do as that’s the best way to show your love 🙂


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