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what is cydia
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What is Cydia? It’s a question of many when you’re into the term of unlocking or jail breaking your iPhone. So, Cydia is a software developed by Jay freeman of Saurik who aims to provide support to install all the unavailable software’s in your devices.

So here’s an in-depth review on what is cydia?


what is cydia?

As stated earlier, cydia is a software that’s built solely to support the user as it provides apps for free and if it costs then that’s minimal or negligible. Moreover with cydia you can tweak applications and you will also be able to run games both old and new and also with the help of emulators.

Cydia comes with a special application called “installous“, that helps you to add a variety number of appliactions in your device that’s both free and premium.

With the help of the feature Mobile substrate you can easily tweak your device and modify it accordingly as for the presence of easy download of open source packages according to your needs.

Note: Cydia is only for Jailbreak devices. so that’s something you should know in what is cydia?

Cydia also helps you to downgrade your devices as it creates a restore point for you by caching the digital signatures which are also known as SHSH bolbs.

My Take On Cydia.. (What is Cydia)

Taking on account you should be 100 times careful when you’re dealing with cydia as your device is vulnerable to malware’s. So you should be careful when you’re downloading apps from third party so checking the reviews and downloading only from trusted websites are some of the best precautions that you need to practice on early basics.

Make sure you read all sort of FAQ present there and also each and everything when it comes for the compatibility issues with the device.

Detailed Analysis on Section of Cydia (What is Cydia)

what is cydia

Cydia can be classified on various sections that includes the home of the application with all sort of application, welcome screen highlighting the developer name with all sort of FAQ and info on it. You can also go through all the account information’s and tweaks in that one single welcome page.

After that you will get three sections in the footer of the app that includes “Section”, “Changes” , “manage” and “search” the name depicts everything why don’t you explore it by yourself or else where’s the fun 🙂

What is Cydia and what more can I do with it?

Uncountable Tweaks: Yes, you can do uncountable tweaks like changing your developers logo or the font or anything that’s custom made.

Free Apps: Ever thought how easy can it be if all the apps becomes free? Yes it’s possible when you’ve cydia with you so know what is cydia is an important thing.

Adding Themes for Lock Screen: We all love themes and also to design our device so how about adding some beautiful themes in your lock screen for the availability of thousands of free themes. And the uncountable possibilities like hiding the sidebars of your device and everything is a great choice.

Remember the famous statement by apple that only face time app will be available for he user with wifi only but the whole concept on functionality was changed with the use of Cydia by making it work on 3G networks.


So what’s Cydia generally? Cydia is something that creates all the possibilities for you to nurture your device and make it perform the best with wide range of possibilities.

Now a common question that arises on everyone’s mind is can I use Cydia without Jail-breaking? The answer is a big no so don’t ever get fooled by anyone. Let me know your experience using cydia.





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