Top 5 Marketing Secrets Every Blogger Should Know

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Blogging has emerged as a necessary practice for any business or organization looking to beef up their web presence. Consistently updating your domain with fresh, engaging content is great for your audience experience and one of the only certain tools for improving your search engine optimization over time.

Before you put your nose to the grindstone and churn out blog content, keep these 6 tips in mind to make sure you get the most out of your blogs.

#1. Answer A Question

When developing ideas for blog posts, start by asking yourself what some questions your target communities are asking, and how you can answer them.

The theme, and the headline, of your blog posts should be the answers to specific questions frequently posited by your target audience. An outdoor apparel store should post a blog about the best places to hike in the area. A construction business should post tips about maintaining your home. You get the idea.

No matter what other tweaks you do to your posts, your time is best invested in making sure that your content is relevant and engaging to your audience.

#2. SEO Optimize

WordPress and other popular platforms for blogs provide plug-ins for SEO headers, descriptions, and keywords. Use these. This lets search engine crawlers quickly understand the content of your posts and register it with the search engine rankings of your domain quickly. It also changes the display of the way your story will show up in search engine results.

Choose your words carefully, with an eye for relevant keywords and descriptive language. Again, envision what your audiences are typing into Google and respond to it.

#3. Choose And Label Photos Carefully

Although search engine crawlers cannot yet interpret graphic elements of photos, they can take cues from a few key things. Take care to change the file names of your photos to something relevant before uploading them. These will ideally describe the photo AND be composed of keywords.

Remember to keep file sizes low (to keep your website running fast) and to use added descriptions like Alt Text and captions. You can actually get a nice SEO boost from your photos if you follow this tip.

#4. Pay Attention To Anchor Text

You should always post a few internal links and one or two external links in your blog post, and pay attention to anchor text. Make sure the clickable text in your posts is optimized for descriptiveness and keywords. This lets search engines understand how the content that is being linked to can be categorized.

It won’t do you much good to make the words “Click Here” your anchor text. Instead make the text that describes what you’re linking to the anchor text.

#5. Delete Old Photos

It’s a little known truth that slower websites are penalized by search engines. Because search engines are constantly trying to improve their searchers experience by directing them to the best website, they try their best to direct them away from frustratingly slow sites.

One surefire way to slow down your site is to upload too many photos and then never even post them to the front end. Take care to delete photos you haven’t posted but have uploaded. They won’t do anything for you, and might actually cost you!

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