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How to Root HTC Desire 526G Plus

root htc desire 526 G
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How to root HTC Desire 526G Plus can be the thought of many. You all want to root your HTC Desire 526 G Plus right as the phone comes with poor functionality and rooting the device will create the scope to access it more properly.

Mainly HTC Desire 526G plus is a low cost device that comes with a price tag as low as $110 so you can’t expect much from it.

So at first let’s understand the features of rooting HTC Desire 526 G Plus then we will step ahead to root it.

Features Of Rooting HTC Desire 526G Plus

Firstly you can install custom ROM on HTC dsire 526 G plus once your device is rooted. Not only installing custom ROM’s but you will be able to expand it’s internal memory and RAM too.

You’ll be able o wipe out unnecessary apps and access the device in the way you want for.

Root HTC Desire 526G Plus

Now mostly you’ll see some fake videos popping in youtube that claims they can root HTC Desire 526G plus but that’s all fake as you need to unlock bootloader first before tweaking with it.

How To Unlock BootLoader in HTC Desire 526G Plus

Make sure you’ve a fastboot device on your Windows, when done put your device on the fastboot mode. Now open command prompt as administrator from fastboot devices folder.

Now you can type the following command….

fastboot devices
(ABCDEFGHI fastboot) Now check your phone and type..

fastboot oem unlock#

You will see an option popping out with volume keys, Press Volume up for unlocking bootloader just Press volume up and your Bootloader will be unlocked.

Now if you’re not techie then don’t worry as we’ve other options like Kingoapp Boot loader Unlock.. Just Download Kingoapp boot loader unlock from below and use this to unlock your bootloader.

Note: USB Debugging must be enabled and there must be 70% charge.

Download HTC Desire 526 G Plus BootLoader Unlocker.

Cheers! You’ve successfully unlocked the bootloader now you can install superuser and it will grant you the Root Access.

Rooting Myths!

Remember rooting your device means no loss of personal data’s so you don’t need to make a backup of it until and unless you’re flashing a ROM on your device.

Note: Rooting Voids Warranty, once your device is rooted or bootloader is unlocked your warranty is gone forever.

Hope this helps! If you’e any questions drop below.. If you’ve any topics then you can join our forum..

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