The word ‘Digital Marketing‘ itself creates a buzz within your mind. To some, it is nothing but another fancy keyword. While others consider it to be a supportive structure for their businesses.

Speaking of my business perspective, Digital Marketing is wholly what I to do.

Yet, to most entrepreneurs, the term continues to be a mystery. And henceforth remains underutilized to a greater extent. The dawn of the Internet marked the rise of its business usage by several organizations.

From its advent in the late 90’s Digital marketing came a long way from then. And with years passing by it started getting more intensified and sophisticated. At present, it’s too important for all types of businesses to a have strong digital footprint.

Presenting a colossal widespread and ever changing landscape. Success with digital marketing at most depends on your marketing terms. Digital marketing expands when companies have a clear idea about- How to succeed?  Expert reports show over 51% of marketers facing a tough time with their strategies .

These have reportedly prevented them from achieving their marketing goals. It occurs as most businesses start up their digital marketing with great enthusiasm. But with time passing by, the flow gets fizzled up and they lose track.

It takes an acute sense of creativity alongside analytical approach. For you to get along with digital marketing. In simple terms, if you are unaware of the potentials. It’s definitely going to take more time to identify and invest in correct sections.

1st  Way: Having A Proper Startup Idea

Creating a digital reference document is necessary. As it will be serving as the blueprint of your do’s & don’ts throughout the year. It can be in the form of any kind of document, with which you are comfortable. So if you are still to prepare yours here is a list of items that will help you get going.

  • Business Objectives.
  • Marketing Goals.
  • Targeting regions.
  • Channels of advertising- Social media, email marketing etc.
  • Budget constraints.
  • Team details and responsibility distribution.
  • Partnership proceedings.
  • Content and keyword strategy.

2nd Way: Need For Budgeting As Digital Marketing Turned More Profit-Centered

Earlier marketers had a tough time justifying their ROI (Return-On-Investment) of digital marketing. But, things started to change at a brisk pace and investing actually became profitable. Over 60% marketers enlist digital advertising as a source of profit & loss statement . Followed up by digital commerce and sales of data.


So the question arises- How much should you spend? Well breaking up of the budget into various sections definitely helps a lot. Generally marketing budget stays around 10% of total revenue. The budget for digital marketing remains 25% above marketing budget. So the breakup budget allocation will be like;

  • 13% for Digital advertising.
  • 12% for Content marketing.
  • 12% for website management.

Remaining 63% of the budget gets deployed for team and infrastructure advancements (viz. hiring agencies and managers, monitoring, maintenance, measurement, research etc.)


3rd Way: One Step Forward Towards Mobile Marketing

On an average 90% of the consumer transactions started on one device only to get finished on another. Going in depth the sales of smartphones outsmarted the sales of PC & laptops. This indicated people have been more comfortable with smartphone usage and experience.  

Conducting survey,to search for the most used devices to surf the internet showed. Majority uses PC or laptops (91%) followed by. Smartphones (80%), tablets (47%) and gaming consoles(37%). Thereby we notice a steep rise in the smartphone usage to search the internet.

This actually proved to be a good thing for marketers. Enabling marketing through mobiles turned out to be a crucial point. Entrepreneurs have reflected their concern for mobile considerations in case of digital marketing campaigns.

Content marketing

4th Way: Disciplining Your Content Marketing

To support a consumer’s decision journey, need of a vast-growing content range becomes necessary. While chasing their digital opportunities, companies have started publishing almost everything. Be it static contents like product descriptions or contents on multimedia and games. Marketers focus on syndicating content and applications flow across many sites and various platforms.

The embedded costs for a constant content supply can range over $60 million. Applicable for any consumer based product. This can further range up to $300 million for any global technology company. Thereby most companies have turned their heads towards publishing just to get benefited. But there are always means to improvise the strategy.


  • Improving content efficiency leads to scale up marketing processes. Cuts almost 30% of costs.
  • Reusing and re-purposing contents help getting higher returns. Halves the rate of volume growth.
  • Optimized customer experiences expands ROI to 20%. Personalized-relevant content double up the engagement rate.

5th Way: Embracing Inbound Marketing

The days of unwanted emails and disturbing phone calls seems outnumbered. Implementation of such irritating techniques to target prospects no longer proves to be fruitful. Consumers have grown smart enough to make apt choices for getting rid of their problems.

The era of inbound marketing has begun. In comparison to the traditional outbound marketing techniques. This guides you to create quality content. Attracts people towards your company and product in a natural way.

The four primary actions of Inbound marketing are;


  • Attract
  • Convert
  • Close
  • Delight

Aligning the published contents according to user choices. Leads to a noticeable increment of inbound traffic. Inbound marketing also proves to be cost effective. As it minimizes around 60% of the costs when compared to outbound marketing.


6th Way: Being Proactive On Social Media

With massive 1.71 billion of monthly users, Facebook continues to dominate social media front. Followed by Instagram with 400 million active users monthly. This proves every social media platform consists of its own dedicated audience. Usage of advanced web-based technologies turned these into best suited breeding grounds for marketing.

Hereby are certain points to conduct effective social media marketing campaigns:


  • Relying on a single platform will do no good.
  • Delivering information through various modes will attract more audiences.
  • Creating customer-centric contents with proper call to actions is going to deliver well.
  • Monitoring of results is sure to keep on track.


7th Way: Curiosity To Learn For Betterment

Have you ever heard about any digital marketer who stopped learning? Because they got fired. There is almost no scope for staying stagnant in this world. The world of digital marketing always seems to move at a lightning speed.

  • Follow up with all possible digital pulse. Stay updated to what’s happening.
  • Go through blogs presenting latest information. Scour social media sites for viral objects.
  • Attend industrial & marketing workshops or events. Do invest to pioneer digital marketing courses.

The basic theme is to keep learning and listening to the surroundings. Thus curiosity and relevancy stays employable forever.


8th Way: Channelizing Resources To The Correct Audience

A digital marketer wins half of the race just through proper channelizing. Channelizing needs to be well performed. As it identifies the right audiences.

Accessing your audiences definitely, facilitates channelizing of valuable resources towards them. Usage of Google Analytics to categorize viewers on a demographic basis. Furthermore, leveraging social media analytics can contribute to this venture.

The simplest way of connecting with the right audience is to think over certain points like;


  • What are you offering and who are to get benefited?
  • How can reach them?
  • Where are they located?
  • At what time are they online and for how long?

Knowing all these will make your digital marketing efforts countable.


9th Way: Advertising Online To Leave A Mark

Digital marketing is flexible in terms advertising. As most companies  increase their scaling online. Organisations having a better infrastructure can always turn around quick from a campaign failure. Just by featuring eye catchy advertisements.

Even video advertisements have been skyrocketing like anything. Companies accustomed with video marketing rely on YouTube to spread out their videos. Nowadays, video advertising gets leveraged on a regular basis. Since most people within the range of 18- 50 use smartphones. With access to the internet, they are able to view all these videos quick & easy.


  • On an average, a person gets served with over 1700 Banner Ads per month of which only half gets viewed.
  • Online advertisements capture the most. Around 95% of Google’s revenues come from online advertising.


  • Businesses have managed to lift their brand popularity by 31% using visual Ads.
  • Over 70% of B2B marketers use visual contents. Increasing YouTube marketing by 8% (approx).


10th Way: Reflect Your  Digital Vision In All Your Efforts

Content curation invokes successful feedback if it shares a better futuristic vision. Since digital marketing platform deals with freshened up and latest perspectives. Contents enduring information about futuristic technologies with stunning visuals gets pointed out.

You must have heard about GE (General Electric) and noticed their endearing contents. They even get a higher number of social shares. Now the question is how they attained such popularity? The answer lies in the posts they share. On taking a closer look at the shared posts, it seemed they all shared similar business aspect. Posts related to innovative technologies or have a scientific outlook. This gels with the company’s vision, acting as the main reason for them. To stand out above their competitions.


It’s definitely tempting for every digital marketer to get their contents viral. After all, who doesn’t like to get hundreds if not thousands hits overnight? Plenty of digital marketers even plan to get their marketing ventures. Surfaced in this competitive world of businesses.

Above all, an invincible strategy followed by adequate corrected measures. Reassures success in the varied world of digital marketing. Perhaps one of the best things that could separate you from your rivals. It’s all about playing smart. Observing the better, adopting the best and implementing it in a positive manner.

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