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Installous guide, the perfect guide on how to use it. So till now you know already know about what is cydia? and if you know about it then am already assuming that your device is jail broken as you want to tweak a bit with your iPhone or ipad.

So let’s begin to speak about one of the best app named as installous and why you need it on your iOS device.

What is Installous?

In a simple word how about a life where everything is free in the app store and that’s something is termed as installous. So Installous is something that you will download from cydia store and once downloaded you can easily install cracked apps that organized in a decent amount.

Not only you can download apps but you can also easily update it and share it as well when needed. Installous was developed by Puy0 originally but now it’s termed as it is developed by docmorelli.

With the help of installous you can easily download apps from torrents and use them on your device. Even without an app store Id you can easily have the best use of Installous.

Why you Need Installous?

Probably the best duo when it comes with cydia. You can easily share your files with the help of local file sharing. This tweak enables you to share the file using the bluetooth and wifi network avail with your device.

Now you may ask me how to enable or use this file sharing process using installous? The answer is pretty simple, at first go to settings once there then go to IPA file instructions once there it will do the rest by guiding you.

The feature of multitasking along with regular updates helps you the most. You can run apps in background and initiate your works and also through the update tab with one click you can receive all sort of information’s on updates. So clicking on download will do the rest of the work needed for you.

Installous and Torrents

When it comes to torrenting then installous is something that you can count in. You can use any of the torrent application like “Bit torrent” and using it you can easily install fresh torrents by using the magnet links to make things quick.

Also you can avail all the features like “Pause” “Resume” And “Remove”.

So installous is something that can change the whole outlook of your jail-breaked iPhone. If you have any thoughts then do-comment below 🙂

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