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Setting up your own proxy server is the best way to create proxies for yourself. So only one command executes that is stop buying proxies from other when you can create proxies by yourself. This post on creating proxy server is a bit technical so fix your eyeballs on the post and don’t implement things until you’ve read the post totally.

So here’s the step by step guide of setting up your own proxy server for your various projects.

Set Up Your Proxy Server!

You can visit “Webhosting talks” , please visit manually as I’ve no intention of adding any affiliates in thy posts. Once you go in there you need to find the best VPS providers in there with lots of reviews and all. If an IP costs like $1 then that’s quite reasonable and worth buying, if more than that then it’s a clear no.

The Guide On Buying A Vps

Once you’ve found your VPS provider then just buy a normal liunux VPS  with 1GB RAM, 1 Core with 100Mbit or above port speed and make sure to buy some additional IP’s.

Now the price for this setup will vary from $5+$10 a month not more than that. After spending $15 you’re having exactly 11 IP’s.

Now start creating proxies for yourself.

Install Ubuntu 14 after you purchase your new VPS and then run the code in your command section.

  1. apt-get update
  2. apt-get -y install fail2ban software-properties-common
  3. apt-get install nano
  4. apt-get install build-essential libevent-dev libssl-dev
  5. cd /etc
  6. wget
  7. tar zxvf 3proxy-
  8. rm 3proxy-
  9. cd 3proxy
  10. nano src/proxy.h
  11. add line – #define ANONYMOUS 1 (this makes proxy anonymous)
  12. make -f Makefile.Linux
  13. make -f Makefile.Linux install
  14. mkdir log
  15. cd cfg
  16. nano 3proxy.cfg
  17. Add ips here along with Username : Password : Port in this format : proxy -p3128 -a -iYour Ip here -eYour Ip here
  18. Edit username and password in the same file in this format : users UsernameHere:CL:passwordHere
  19. Allow your username in the same file (You will see the Allow option , just add your username there)
  20. chmod 0777 3proxy.cfg
  21. cd ../
  22. nano scripts/rc.d/ ( enter the directory where you installed 3Proxy script! )
  23. sh scripts/rc.d/ start
  24. nano /etc/rc.local
  25. sh /etc/3proxy/scripts/rc.d/ start

The meaning of the following codes stands as follow

  1. Update Ubuntu
  2. Install Fail2ban
  3. Install Nano editor
  4. Install libevent and libssl
  5. Download 3Proxy script
  6. Unzip it to directory
  7. And edit the Proxy.h file through Nano and add line #define ANONYMOUS1
  8. Edit 3Proxy.cfg through Nano and add your ips along with port , username and password
  9. Then edit and enter where you installed 3Proxy
  10. Reboot the server and thats it !

Once after the server restarts you’re ready to go now. Now start checking your list of proxies 🙂 If you’ve any doubts then do-comment in the comment section, I’ll be happy to serve you the best…..


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  • Hi Dipraj, As we know that if we want to setup proxy server then it time-consuming and it needs some technical skill. For me, It’s the boring thing which I always face to setup proxies. If people can able to setup proxies then they do not know that from where they buying proxies at a cheap rate. We always looking for trusted provider but we don’t know who is trusted from thousand of proxy server provider. But your killer tips can help users to find the best proxy server and how we set it up with easy way. Keep sharing bro

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