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How to Remove Copied Contents From Google Search Results

remove copied content from google search engine
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Someone copied my blog! I want to remove those copied contents from Google search result is a common problem for everyone. So today’s tutorial or guide will be “How you can remove those copied contents from Google Search results“..

Initially the scenario will be fall of your ranking. You may question me that “Google can easily detect copied content?” Unfortunately not every-time and it also depends on the trust score of your website. So keep calm and remove all the copied contents of your blog from search results.

Before starting the guide note that it generally takes about 1-3 days to get the content removed from the search results so patience is the key to success.

How To Find Copied Contents From My Blog?

You can use smallseotools or copyscape that does the trick for you… Let’s stick with Copyscape, here you can paste your URL’s to check if anyone has re-published your content on the web or not.

Also you can simply copy a little phrase from your blog and paste that in search engine, you’ll get the list of sites that copied your content ain’t that easy?

So for the example, I’ll be taking an article that I published on “Shoutmeloud” named as ” 9 Guest Blogging Mistakes You Need To Stop Making”


So basically I copied the first phrase and searched it on Google and found that many websites copied them. Well that was just an example.

How To Remove Copied Content From Google Search?

All you need to do is to report the copied contents 🙂 The process is simple as all you need to do is that you need to go to Google DMCA Page.

Once you’re in there choose the option “Submit a Legal Request”


Click on that small tool and it will redirect you to a page that looks like this:


No you can choose the platform you want to be it blogger, youtube video, Google Images or anything… Once you submit your request with valid URL, the content will get reported and will be removed in a go.

That’s All Folks!

So now you know how to remove copied contents from Google Search engine or Search result. All you need to do is submit the correct documentation by filling out the form with valid URL’s pointing to your website. Hope that helps if you’ve any question you can do comment in here or you can join our forum section to ask anything you wish for 🙂



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