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I’m not giving you comment luv premium plugin. But, i help you to make your Free comment luv look like Premium Plugin. SO guys be excited as it’s a killer content which will help you to get comment luv plugin premium for free without cracking, hacking or tweaking the plugin. icon wink Top Secret you should know to Get CommentLuv Premium For Free .

What is Comment luv Premium ?

CommentLuv Premium is a popular WordPress plugin that will help to magnetize your readers to comment on your blog post. and Comment luv help you to Reward your readers and have fine grain control over dofollow, keywords in the name and the ability to add twitter names to comments. It includes some of the most advanced anti spam features to protect you from bots and sophisticated heuristics to prevent human spam which has been proven to dramatically decrease the amount of spam that a blog gets.Engagement will increase and your rankings will improve when Google sees how many comments get replies and guest authors will never miss a comment on their contributed posts. Comment luv has been downloaded over 500000 times and there are 10′s of thousands of active blogs out there waiting to give you advanced backlink features once you install CommentLuv Premium to your site.

Comment luv also have a free version. Click here to download it. Install this plugin now and i will tell you how to change this plugin to premium.

What is inside in Commenluv premium?

In comment luv premium plugin, there are so many features than Free version.CommentLuv Premium will help your posts to become viral, get more traffic and reward your readers and unlock advanced backlink features on every CommentLuv enabled blog.

Below are the main features of Premium plugin.

1) GASP (Growmap Anti Spambot Plugin) 

Advanced version of the popular anti spambot plugin GASP. With added advanced heuristics to help prevent human generated spam from ever getting near your blog.

2) Twitter Link Comments

Increase your followers and help your readers to increase theirs by displaying their twitter name in their comments. Automatic so you don’t need to edit your theme files. (WP3+)

3) Keyword Name

Allow keywords in the names of comment authors but only if they’ve made a certain amount of comments or have registered to your site. Rewards your readers even more!

4) Reply Me

Send an email to users when they get a direct reply to their comment. Guest authors are automatically sent an email when someone makes a comment on one of their posts.

So, That’s it. We see all the features of Comment luv premium plugin. I know you are very excited to know, how to get Comment luv premium for free. Read it Now

How to Get CommentLuv Premium plugin for Free

You see that, CommentLuv Premium is a collection of 8 awesome plugins. But everyone can’t buy this premium plugins because it costs $67 – $97. You can use the below trick if you don’t want to or can’t buy Comment luv premium plugin.

Remeber that , It is not a trick, It is a a genuine way.

There are some other free plugins similar to the plugins includes in this premium pack. You can install this plugins with  free CommentLuv plugin.

Note : All the plugins mentioned here is not a nulled or cracked one. All are available in the WordPress plugin directory.

Follow the below steps to make your own CommentLuv premium plugin icon razz Top Secret you should know to Get CommentLuv Premium For Free :

Step 1 : Install CommentLuv free plugin on your Blog

Step 2 : Install GASP (Growmap Anti Spambot Plugin).

Step 3 : Install Twitter Link Comments

Step 4 : Install Subscribe to Comment Reloaded (Instead of Reply Me)

Step 5 : Install Keywordluv plugin (Instead of Keyword Name)

All Right!!! You installed all the main plugins included in the Premium version.

But, Still there is problem. The logo of the premium plugin will look like,

How to change the free comment luv logo to Premium

Commentluv premium Logo

And the logo of Comment luv free version is,

CommentLuv Free Logo

Don’t we can also change the logo of free plugin to premium. Follow the below instructions to do it.

Step 1 : Download the Commentluv premium logo from here

Step 2 : Save this image and upload it to your Blog

Step 3 : Go to Setting -> CommentLuv

Step 4 : Go to Appearance section and click on Custom image URL and enter the uploaded image url there.

Step5 : Click on ‘Save Settings’

All are done. Now your free comment luv plugin will look like exactly Comment luv Premium.

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