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How to do Content Marketing in Five Quick Steps

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Everyone wants to get their content to the web, but in the rush to crank out a copy, we sometimes miss the mark.  How exactly do you do create content to attract attention and actually engage your readers?  Agile content marketing is the solution.  Why?  It’s focused on the “itch” your customers are trying to scratch in real time:

It’s the type of content that responds and adapts to the needs of your audience. It’s what is taking the place of traditional advertising for businesses large and small.

If you are going to provide content that is agile, you have to think with the end in mind.  In other words, you need a strategy for producing the kinds of things your clients want to consume.

Be Prepared to Change Everything

The first place to start is with your mindset – be prepared to change everything.  The concept is simple, and the software industry is a good model to follow:

The word agile used in this sense comes from the world of software development, and is based on iterative and incremental development. Meaning, as with lean manufacturing, you start with something simple, understand that it needs improvement, and quickly make those improvements based on feedback.

Agile content marketing will work for your company if you can fully embrace one thing: CHANGE.  Nothing remains the same, until it dies.  To keep your content alive, be prepared to create something that can be changed in a moment’s notice.  You can respond to the needs of your customers quickly and easily.

Research the Topics Before You Go

Make an educated guess about the needs, concerns and problems your clients want to solve.  You are interacting with your best customers every day.  Listen to them.  Ask questions… and then formulate a response (in the form of content).

Launch Your Product

It’s the only way you can refine the product.

You aren’t really executing on an agile content marketing strategy until you put it out into the world and start listening to feedback… It’s cold-sweat-inducing, nerve-wracking, and scary at first. But don’t worry, it gets much easier over time.  And it’s 100% necessary. After all, how will you know if your ideal customer is digging what you write if you don’t put it out there and see what happens?

It’s Time to Optimize Things

Once you begin to see patterns emerge from feedback, it’s time to narrow your focus.  In other words, what is getting the most attention: topics, products, webinars, or blog posts?  Narrow your focus and create more content geared to those areas.

As your audience grows, it is likely new trends will emerge.  Don’t be afraid of those changes – accommodate them by building content and products around them

Let’s Connect

Seek out partnerships with other companies and platforms to help maximize your exposure and grow your network.  Set up guest blogging opportunities, or create alliances with other companies with similar services or products.  You can refer them to the things they do well (that you don’t), and they will refer to you for the things you do well (that they don’t).

Forming these kinds of partnerships will build momentum and get help maximize the reach of your content.

What’s your take on these guides? Let me know your thoughts 🙂

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