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Top Cydia Tweaks for iOS 8 and iOS 9

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Are you looking for some cydia tweaks or best cydia tweaks that are free? You’re in the right place here you will get best cydia tweaks for iOS 8 and also best cydia tweaks for iOS 9. So I guess you already know about cydia? If not then don’t be afraid I’ve the total guide on What is Cydia? have a read though.

You can also read about installous guide and how to install installous for some extra tweaks.

How to install installous and Installous Guide.

So now let’s straight ahead to our tweaks, I’m compiling around Top 20 cydia tweaks for you to look for over the years.

Cydia Tweaks and Best Cydia tweaks

Here I represent all the cydia tweaks that you can avail with your iOS 8 and iOS 9 so enjoy this guide.


This cydia tweak can be availed with Bigboss repo. What’s awesome? It’s absolutely free and you can easily preview all the videos now and you can shut the auto-play too with this tweak.


This is also a free app that you can use to to set all types of automation and create shortcuts for all your needs. The most proper example is changing the alarms or turning off the alarms in a go or handling your songs.

Delete Forever

Ever liked to bypass all your photos and folder then delete forever is the best tweak that helps you in this case as there’s nothing in-build that helps you to do this sort of changes in your iOS 9.

Also you can permanently delete bulk photos in a go with little or less efforts.

Lock Speed

I like this app a lot as it creates some beautiful shortcuts on your lockscreen for some quick access without unlocking your device. Also the presence of additional layer helps to reduce your tasks by enabling the speed dial and easy to find contact features. Ain’t that great?

No Tracking

Do you love privacy? I love my privacy a lot… This app does the trick for me. It don’t allow any apps to access your data so your data’s are not accessible to third party unless and until that you’ve this app with you. This is also a repo of bigboss and it’s available for free.

Browser Change

Want to look beyond your safari browser then this app is something that suits your need as you will be able to use this new browser to direct your links and avail the best in the market.


Want to remove all the bugs, caches and temporary files from your device? You should try Oslite8 then as it’s one of the best cydia tweak. It’s safe and will wipe nothing except your temporary files and cache so it’s a must try app for you.

Jailbreak protector

We all love to play games and everything and one recent game that’s creating the buzz is Pokemon go in the market but we don’t wanna highlight that our device is jailbreaked right? So in-order protect your device you can use this app so other apps can’t detect your device is jailbreaked.

Location Faker

I love this app again as it helps to protect my privacy. This not only helps me to spoof my location but also make other apps believe that am from another location so I’ll say that it’s a must try for those who wanna hide their real location.


Do you love texting? Why don’t you wait for a min to proof-read what you’ve written. Stop send does this trick as it holds your text, help you to auto correct things and ones things looks perfect then it enables you to send it. Kind of cool and yes it’s cool…

Cropping Screen

Yes the name itself suggest everything, now you can easily take a screenshot in your phone and save anything according to your needs. It lets you to capture your selected area by dragging your fingers. Now how to take a screenshot will be your usual thought? the answer is you can easily hold the home + power button together and you will get your screenshot out of it.


So these 11 cydia tweaks or best cydia tweaks what you say can do all your tasks in a go. These cydia tweaks are something that’s worth noted at 2016. Also you can say them to be the best cydia tweaks of 2016. Over to you now , share your thoughts 🙂



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