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How to Create Your own High Quality Videos

create high quality video
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It does not matter how large your company is, you have to have a video presence both on YouTube and on your website. This means that you have to create and produce your own videos which can be challenging.

There is no question that this type of media makes an impact and it also gives your company a personal feeling. While it may seem easy, creating a great video each and every time is not always easy for everyone.

The following are some tips for creating your own high quality videos for YouTube and embedding on your website.

Short and Sweet

Anyone in your marketing department can tell you that the attention span of the common man has been greatly reduced in our age. For this reason, you need to have your video as short and sweet while still relaying as much information in a shorter period of time.

There have been studies on this fact conducted with YouTube viewers and it was found that nearly half of viewers stop paying attention after just under a minute of viewing time. The only videos that were not in this group were music videos. So, when producing your videos, you really want to keep them under a minute in length.

Write a Script Before Shooting the Video

When you are planning your video, you want to have a script set out before you even look at a video camera. You want to use a script just as you’d see in a Hollywood movie or television commercial. Know the camera angles you want to utilize and you also want to conduct a run through or two in order to know that everything is going smoothly.

There is nothing worse than watching an unscripted video and those who do watch will not want to see any other of your videos. When it comes to the numbers game, YouTube requires views to move you up the search engine, without them you’ll be stuck in the higher pages where your videos will never be viewed.

Know Your Goals

When you are planning out your video marketing strategies, you have to know your goals in order to achieve them. Do you want your products to look better than your competition or do you want to illustrate why the public needs to buy your products? For some, you may just want to get your company name and branding known to a wider demographic.

Whatever the case may be, you have to decide this aspect of your marketing strategy if you want to produce high quality videos.

Don’t Skimp on the Hardware

When you are shooting your videos, you want to use the best equipment for the job. While you don’t need a full sound stage or Hollywood set, you do need to have a good quality high definition video camera and great lighting. Both are paramount to making a high quality video that can be viewed on a wide range of media types from smart phone to large platform televisions.

One thing to remember above all else, you will lose business if you are not offering a high quality video. Your potential customers will take this as the way you conduct your business and you don’t want them to view you as unprofessional.

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