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Are you looking for the best Top 10 Contact form plugins ? Your website would look extremely professional and practical when a contact form is utilized on your site, instead of stating your contact email address in a simple way. When an email address is showcased, your visitors will be compelled to login to their respective email service or open their email application in a new browser tab.
When it approaches to selecting a particular contact form solution, the users of WordPress are quite messed up. Quite many amazing free as well as premium wordpress contact form plugins are accessible with variation of easy feedback forms to complicated multi-field forms which apply qualified logic to modify whatever information is further asked for. Well listed below are 10WordPress Contact Form Plugins that are available for your websites.

WordPress Contact Form Plugins

1. Fast Secure Contact Form

Being one of the trendiest contact forms on, this WordPress Contact form pluginpermits you to arrange numerous forms and amend confirmation emails. Even anti-spam measures are constructed, including spam checks, input validation and maintenance for Akismet. The setting area is user friendly, and when you’ve crafted a contact form, it can be added to your site with the use of a shortcode. All the main contact forms are sustained properly, that involves functional fields such as time, date and attachments.

2. Jetpack by

Jetpack is known as one of the most adaptable WordPress plugins that is accessible easily along with more than 30 distinct modules. You can include an easy contact form with the use of Jetpack contact form on your site. The accessible fields involve website, name, email address, check boxes, drop downs, and radio buttons. When you activate the Jetpack, it will be really worthy for use.

3. Ninja Forms

This includes a free contact form plugin that is feature packed, thus letting you to limit the user key in the forms, and also an anti-spam field. The user submissions can be effortlessly saved, amended and exported also. Ninja Forms covers many premium extensions that permits you to insert progressed features such as multi-part forms, PayPal integration, conditional logic, email marketing support, and file uploading. For every extension the prices may vary from $18 to $49 per website.

4. GuiForm

GuiForm is a big free contact form plugin which will assist you in forming contact forms swiftly by using Ajax-controlled drag and drop form builder. GuiForm plugins are very much responsive and their color scheme can be altered through the setting. Its interface is simple to use, and it provides support to the functional fields, like the attachment uploads. Even the notification emails and record information can be amended from submissions, such as the time, date of submission, IP address, and functioning system.

5. Multi-language Responsive Contact Form

This is a free contact form plugin that permits numerous fields which can be inserted to your form. You can add a CAPTCHA field for lessening the spam. You can include the Multi-language Responsive Contact Form plugin in your site, with the use of shortcode or PHP code. This form appears superb on the mobile devices as well as gives support to the 8 languages.

6. Contact Form 7

This is one of the most utilized WordPress plugins as it has accomplished more than 19 million downloads on You can craft numerous forms swiftly with Contact Form 7 that also gives support to CAPTCHA fileds, Akismet spam control, and file attachments. The Contact Form 7 is expanded with the availability of 100+ free and premium plugins.

7. Jazzy Forms

Known to be an easy free contact plugin, the Jazzy Forms includes numerous field options. Though these fields are very limited in number, each field can be arranged effectively in its ideal method. For example, a custom CSS class can be used by the user to every field and further describe a perfect error message of any firm value is not added. Jazzy Forms can implement immediate calculations, and also has superb support for the formulas that makes it appropriate for complicated calculation forms as well as estimation forms.

8. WordPress Contact Form Plugin by vCita

This is a very beneficial plugin that helps you in inserting any of the 3 essential contact forms: a contact form which is set into the pages and posts; a widget contact form which can be added into the sidebars; and engagement contact form which pops up from the bottom of every page. You can even insert new forms on your site by logging into a free vCita account.

9. Contact Form Manager

This plugin is a crucial and purposeful free contact form that maintains necessary fields, including CAPTCHA images and file uploads. Numerous contact forms can be produced remarkably and added to your site with the use of shortcodes. You can even forward the users to a particular page when the form is finally submitted by them.

10. Contact Form Maker

It is considered as a free WordPress contact plugin that characterizes multi-language support, 10 constructed templates, and data corroboration. With the use of contact form builder, 7 field kinds can be chosen. Every submission is accumulated on your database and further exported in XML or CSV format.

By now you might have understood the above contact forms for WP. Thus you can now choose the best contact form so that you can use for your WordPress website.


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