10 Things to take care before applying for Google Adsense

google adsense checklists
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google adsense checklists
Google Adsense is the most popular advertising company in the world. Adsense is the most using monetizing method. It plays a major role in my earnings. Every blogger can turn to a entrepreneur by using Google Adsense. But, They have a policy for selecting the blogs for Adsense publishers.Read their policy details here. Approving for Adsense is very easy. But, Getting the approval to Adsense is a very difficult job. You want a awesome and perfect to get Adsense approval.
Minimum requirements for your blog for getting Adsense approval is shown below :
1) 50 + Unique blog posts (Minimum 400 Words) and 300+ Daily visitors
2) Your blog should be at least 6 months old
3) Your Blog language must be in English.
4) Don’t use pornographic content or content related to Hacking.
Some other essential things to get adsense approval is shown below

1. Privacy Policy

Many bloggers get disapproved from google adsense program because of not creating a privacy policy page.Privacy policy page is the most important thing for adsense. Privacy policy provide to your visitors,what your visiters will get from your blog.What can your visitors do and do not.You can create privacy policy using privacy policy generators.There are somany privacy policy generators on the web.Google it and create an awesome privacy policy page on your blog.

See our privacy policy page

 2.About Page

About page describes about the devoloper of the blog and that Blog.About us page is a most important thing when applying for Google Adsense.This page help your readers to create a relationship with you.There is no chances of getting approved if you are not having About page.

See our about us page

 3. Contact Us Page

Contact us page is another important thing for getting approval for adsense. This page help you to make a good relationship with your visitors.

See our Contact us page

 4. Name/Email Verification

Put your Name and Email address in some easily visible area like About us and Contact Us pages. It will help you to verify your email address to google adsense team.If you didn’t place this,you didn’t get google adsense approval.

 5. Age Verification

Your age must be 18 or more.Google adsense didn’t approve your request if you are not 18.If you are under 18 you can approve for adsense with your parents name.

 6. Blog Content

Your blog should have 50 or more posts. Your posts contains atleast 500 words.Your blog content is another important thing.Google Adsense didn’t approve your blog if your blog contains Pornographic, Illegal Items, Drugs….etc. Your blog must be in English.If your blog written in an other language,Google adsense didn’t approve your blog.

 7. Blog Design

Your Blog Design is another important thing.Your blog design must be awesome.So, use an professional represents your expertise, experience and Professionalism on the blogging field.

 8. Top Level Domain

Top level domains like .com,.in,.org,.net…etc is another important thing.You want a top level domain to getting approval to adsense.It means,you can’t join adsense network,if you are using a subdomain like can buy a TLD from or another important thing is your domain must be 6 years old when applying for adsense.

 9. Don’t use Other Ad network

If you placed the ads of othe advertising networks like Bidvertiser,Adhitz,Chitika, Clicksor or other.You want to remove these ads befor applying for adsense.

 10. Paid Traffic

Google didn’t approve your sites if you are getting Paid traffic .You can get traffic from Search Engines or any other ways.

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