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10 Adsense Revenue Sharing Websites

adsense revenue
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adsense revenue

This article deals with those sites which shares their ad sense revenue with you depending upon kind of work or help you do on those sites. In return you get revenue from those sites.  Generally question may arise why some one would share their earnings with you. Answer is that they want to engage users in helpful discussion and later on the analysis of the work/help done by you they start sharing their excess revenue.

How to earn from those sites ?   

You just need to sign up in any of the website and later apply for adsense. After getting approved by adsense, you just need to wire both the account with adsense account and start earning.

Lest discuss about those sites which shares their revenue


Google based Blogger platform allows you to create BlogSpot’s and earn revenue from those blogs. You can also have a custom domain despite of sub-domain. It allows you to keep 100% of the revenue earned. So we give blogger first rank.

2. Youtube 

Google based video sharing website YouTube allows you  to earn from YouTube partner program. Anyone who has good skills and can make attractive videos for YouTube viewers and engage them. Then YouTube will allow you to monetize your video and earn through them.

3. Flixya 

Flixya is a social networking site where you can share videos, photos and articles. In return they allow you to put adsense code in your account profile. You will be paid 100% of the adsense revenue.

4. Hub Pages 

Hub pages allow users to share content and publish their blogs. On registering, they give you a sub domain and from that sub domain blog you can earn.

5. Webanswers 

Its similar website to Yahoo where you can ask question and answer any question. Only difference is that Web answers pays you for Ask/answer any question.


Squidoo allows you to create lenses, articles and show ads from different advertising companies like Chitka, Adsense, Amazon and EBay.

7.You say too 

YouSayToo   is a sharing community where you share, discuss and become famous on web and creating your own blog and earn money from Google ad sense.

8. Grow Rich Forum 

Grow rich forum is a revenue sharing forum that rewards all of their active members and you can wire up your adsense account with them and earn. You can share your experience, ask and answer question.

The more you engage in healthy discussions, the more you earn.

9. Bukisa 

They allow you to share your articles and content on their websites and earn from displaying ads on their own written articles and content. But not only articles, you can also share Videos, Pictures and etc.

10. Xomba 

You can make money by sharing your ideas, interesting stories that you own in your account. They will allow you to apply for adsense when your account becomes eligible for their policies.

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