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Why Google Adsense Over other Ad Networks

Why Google Adsense
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Why Google Adsense

Why Google Adsense over other Ad networks? Well that’s the question which always come in debate. So here today I’ll give you an insider look on why to go for Adsense rather than any other Ad networks at the beginning. Before that we should know what are the ad networks that are available. The most obvious names that emerges are Infolinks, Chitika, Medianet, Madadds etc.

Well, obviously Madadds and Medianet is a big no if your blog is few months old and are not having any decent traffic. The minimum requirement of traffic in there is 10,000 a month which is probably a mammoth task for new bloggers who have little knowledge.

Adsense over Other Ad networks

Well, you don’t wanna make your blog look clumsy with different types of Ad popups that serves no value. Now let’s reverse the case think you’re the visitor of your own blog and looking for some info’s, would you like some facebook unnecessary signups adds popping out?

The answer is a big no. With the availability of infinite websites you will certainly move off to an another site for the same info so you’re loosing you visitors for nothing :(.

Why Adsense?

Well, Adsense is a product developed by Google that shares 68% content revenue and is the most safest and trusted if used in a legal way. It helps you to implement a variety of Adds which in turns produce revenues for you when an user clicks on your Ads displayed on your website through Adsense.

Here’s a nice Video from Shoutmeloud that explains on Why Adsense is the Best Program so have a look to it.

So now you’re clear about why you should go for Adsense rather than anyother Ad networks i guess still I’ll share some insights with you that will help you to get ready on the matter.

Getting Ready with Adsense

So you’re cleared on the topic that when a user clicks on the Ads shown in your website by Adsense it generates revenue for you. So make sure you don’t “Click Exchange” or “Click on your Own Ads”.

Set Up your Adsense in 10 minutes

So when you’ve a readied Adsense account and it says you to make your first Ad then get the code and place on your website contents or sidebar or anywhere where you want to show your Ads.

Once settled up wait till your first code get’s active.

One Adsense Account to Access all websites

Well, that’s the best feature it offers which most fails to provide so. Once you’ve an Adsense account then you can place those Ads on any of the website that follows Adsense policy. Incase you don’t know Adsense Policy go to the Adsense Starting guide to learn it.

Learn the Adsense Policy.

 Adsense Community that has all Mystery Solved

I said it to be community but rather it’s best know as Adsense support forum. The support forum has both Advertiser and publishers connected so in-case of any doubts you can seek help from in there.

Final words; well undoubtedly Adsense is no scam so payments are flexible and always on time unlike other Ad networks. It’s easy to approve in there so have a good luck with Adsense.

Pic Courtsey: udemy.

Video Courtsey: ShoutmeLoud!

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