Hacked content detected

Hacked content detected

This site maybe hacked, hacked content detected on your website. Yes my website was hacked few a days ago and I’ll explain you how I saved my website after it was hacked. So it was since the last week my traffic felt to a certain extent, I was surprised! Thought maybe I need to update more contents regularily in it or may be something else has happened but I sensed the devil when I got the message “Hacked Content detected on your website” from Google Search console.

this site may be hacked


Now, I understood my website is hacked. I was not finding any clues :(. I asked my friends who called them wordpress experts to remove the codes but the reply was “Ummm… I wish I can but I’ve no time” but the reality is that they don’t know anything.

Then I thought to Hire someone from freelancer as I’m never fascinated with the works of “Fiverr” πŸ™ So, the scenario starts from here. Β Let’s take that freelancer to be X…. I asked him for the help and asked what will be the price of it to fix my website back? So here’s what he said….


So, $150 was what he was charging me to remove those codes and providing me securities :(…. Well, I couldn’t afford it as my website only doesn’t worth’s that much value.

After that, as I used share hosting so i didn’t got that much support from them πŸ™ And my friends suggested me to delete the whole website and re-install the WordPress directory. Can, I really delete all? That made me in a thought for hours. Searched the internet and I got no help from there but I thought let’s give it a try, let me see If I can do it by myself or not. And here’s the result.

this site may be hacked fixed

thissiteis fixed

So, Here’s the story of how I fixed my blog which received a “Google Hacked Content Penalty”……

Removed The Theme!

I downloaded a theme from “Newone” and that was the schema theme. So what i did was i removed the theme and deleted all it’s remaining from my hosting panel. After that i choosed a new theme named “Islemag”, that was free and was available at wordpress gallery.

Things were not fixed with just changing and removing themes πŸ™ still there was cloaked contents in my websites.

I made sure there are themes only from wordpress gallery and nothing else.

Removed the Null plugins!

I removed all the null plugins that i downloaded from internet and made sure that’s there is no residue of their data so I permanently deleted all.

To keep a check on things on how much is the progress you can use “isithacked.com” and make sure you only write your website name without “www”…

So still after removing themes and plugins there was hell lot of malware codes inside my blog. I was afraid that time that’s all I can say..

How Wordfence Security Helped Me!

I tried with many wordpress securities to scan my website but they found nothing πŸ™ …. Yes nothing! After that I installed a free version of Wordfence securities and did a “High Sensitivity Scan”, I repeat “High Sensitivity” scan. Once the scan was done it showed me how my plugins was changed from time to time and what I did was that I simply restored them to original versions.

The Last Step!

Once done, I changed my securities of both wordpress and Cpanel. I enabled firewall, blocked some IP’s. I made sure to enable notifications about changes when done in with my plugins or themes. Updated my wordpress to the latest version and sat back and relax for three days, The result spoke only…….


The bonus is “My Ugly reconsideration message” which worked the best for me, so take a look to it..



Do it yourself is the best thing in your life, don’t rely on someone for anything. Be practical and think out of the box you can solve everything.

If you need my help? I’m always there to help you to remove Google penalty on hacked contents detected or be it anything related to all topics posted in my blog.

Don’t forget to leave a comment, show me your love by sharing my posts to various social media platforms as I really need your love indeed.


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