How To Turn Windows 10 Automatic Update Off

Windows 10
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Windows 10

Turning Windows 10 Automatic Update off is a must need thing if you want to enjoy a steady internet connection and want to save a bit data of yours. Most oftently just after the installation of fresh Windows 10 you’re troubled with a slow internet connection and unlike other versions of Windows turning the update off is not so easy and worth a matter of task to over-come. So let’s straightly dive on the guide to turn your Windows Automatic updates OFF.

Windows 10 Automatic Updates Off Step 1

At first Open Your Computer then create a shortcut of “My PC” or what you call as “My Computer”. Once done then Right click on “My Pc” shortcut.

You will find a list of options coming up and from them choose, “Manage”. Manage comes with a pre-administrative access so you don’t need to seek much out of the box.

Windows 10 Automatic Updates Off Step 2

Now You’re already In Manage Section. You will see a dialog box will pop up named Computer Management and in it there are list of categories in the left section.

From There Choose “Services and Application” the lowest section of the dialog Box is the place where it is located.

After that hit on Services and you will find a list of services in there. Find the Windows Update in from there, then click On Stop and restart Your windows.

You’ve successfully turned the windows update off.

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