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How to be on the safe side when using Adsense

Safe with Adsense
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Safe with Adsense

The most important thing is how you can be on the safe side while Adsense is implemented in your blog. You can already see that am working with Adsense since three years and all the starter guides are given too. So you’re happy now as your blog is running the Adsense Ads but it can be disabled anytime without any prior warnings.

Till now, I guess you’ve already went through all the Adsense policies if not then don’t worry as I will be highlighting all the common drawbacks that can led to the ban of Adsense account.

Common Things To Know Before Using Adsense

  1. Trick 1 is make sure that the user can navigate easily on your website or else it can be a source of problem as clumsy looking sites or sticky Adsense Ads are some common reason of getting banned 🙁 unfortunately.
  2. Avoid Placing Ads on 404 Pages as it’s strictly against the policy of Adsense.
  3. Avoid Click Exchanges or Scripts in your website.

Invalid Clicks!

Yes, clicking on your own ads even for testing is also not allowed. So don’t encourage any sort of self clicking or click exchanges as that can led to the ban of your Adsense account.

In Facebook you can find many a groups that tells you to exchange clicks but that’s something illegal and to safe guard their advertiser Google will ban your account. Also you should avoid clicks from paid VPN, as they are highly un-ethical and penalty is the only outcome so better be safe.

Sending Ads URL through Email

It’s a bit complicated but many did it and the outcome was a red signal. So here’s what it is, Once you are clicking on an Ad there generates an URL pointing from your blog now simply copy that URL in fraction of second and send them to friends so that they directs through those URLs and you get a penny back from each views but you will easily get banned if you do this thing in no time.

Duplicate Contents!

If you’re thinking you will host duplicate contents then it’s a no now.Copyright songs, articles, movies etc, that are not yours must be deleted right now as that’s highly against the rule of Adsense.

So don’t host any sort of copyright materials right on the spot after you have enabled Adsense.

Brand Bidding And Paid Traffics

Brand bidding and paid traffics  must be stopped once you have an active Adsense account. Though there’s a good news that you can buy traffic from Facebook, bing or Reddit as the quality is much better in there.

Brand bidding now in sense is replicating your contents look like your ads and tricking the user that will force them to click in there is against the rule. Placing Ads over the content so the content is not visible must be stopped so that the user don’t face any further disturbance.

Illegal Contents and Linking to Adult Sites

Avoid linking to sites that promotes gambling and casino products. Also websites that teaches hacking or distributes copyright materials can also be problematic so avoid those sites.

Here are some particular niche you must avoid. The niches are:

  • P*rn, Adult stuffs.
  • Contents that’s racial and full of hatred.
  • Hacking and Keygen.
  • Casino
  • Betting, Weapons etc.

So I guess now you’ve a clear idea on what you should promote on your blog when you have a live Adsense. So good luck and do comment if you’ve any problems.

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