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How to Create a Google Adsense Account

create google adsense account
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create google adsense account

How to create an Adsense account is the question for many newbie bloggers so here’s the total explanation. Till now if you have followed my guide then you know what is Adsense? and why we say that to be the best Ad-network. So it’s time to create an account now in there.

Now before stepping for creation of your new Adsense account you should know that there can be two outcomes either it will be accepted or rejected so before sending the proposal learn whether your blog is ready or not for going for approval.

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So you’ve already studied it and made your blog ready to get accepted by Google Adsense so let’s go for the proposal process.

Applying For Google Adsense

Follow This Url: Adsense Signup, now you will see a box like this given below. Add your Gmail account with it by htting on choosing another account. As am already associated so it’s telling me to join it by that same account in your’s case a different venture will come up.

Apply Adsense

Once you’re done filling with step ahead to add your website for which you want to display your Ads.

Your Adsense Information Set-Up

Now Choose the Country or Territory accordingly, for Me it’s India. Then choose your standard time zone, if you don’t know your time zone then you can easily type on google your city name then Country name followed by time.

Once done choose the account type: Individual and business; for me it’s individual as am running a blog through it.

Use the Payee Name, same as that of the bank name of the individual. try to be accurate when it comes to your location as you will receive codes in there.

Select your city, state and postal code to make it done. In case of any mistakes don’t panic as you will get another chance to correct them once you reach a threshold of $10.

So if you’re from any of these countries listed in here then make sure you give the right payee name or else you can never change it again.

Countries where payee name can't be changed

Now Accept their terms and condition and you will receive an email in your Mail box like this.


So it’s time to read their policy now again and again so that’s their’s no chance of any minor mistakes that can led to penalty. So now wait about 2 days and you will receive another mail like this saying your account is fully activated and ads will start showing.

Adsense 4



So I guess you’re pretty aware that the time needed to fully approve and Adsense and start living Ads takes about 2 days in 2016 as they are pretty strict with their rules now a days.

So if you’ve any queries then drop them below, I’ll be happy to help you all.



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