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Adsense Complete Guide: How to use Adsense

Google Adsense Guide
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Google Adsense Guide

Adsense Guide: Well, today I’ll be presenting you the top to bottom guides for Adsense that highlights nearly all the sections that’s why I named it the complete guide on Adsense. I implemented Adsense on my first blog but it was certainly a waste :(. I earned about $25 but initially and got banned for Invalid Click Activity but the experience I gained helped me to earn a lot in the next year :).

So firstly here is my Income Proof by using Google Adsense to show you that it really works and effectively fills your pocket.

Adsense Income


Newbie’s Guide for Adsense Journey!

I’ve tried many a Ad networks like Info links, Chitika but all I can say that was just waste of time as there’s really no alternative to Google Adsense untill and unless it is banned. So in order to not get penalized all you can do is before applying for Adsense better study all the policies so that’s there no chance for a red signal.

Read the Adsense Policies from Here.

So now you’ve already studied what’s written in there and you’re ready to implement Adsense on your blog. But one common question is your blog ready for Adsense Ad placement?

Read Here: Minimum Requirement to Apply for Adsense in your blog in 2016.

Let’s Start the Adsense Guide

  1. Why Google Adsense over other Ad Networks?
  2. How to Create your Adsense Account.
  3. Google Adsense Approval process and Time Frame.
  4. How to be on the safe side when using Adsense.
  5. The Adsense Ad placement Guide.
  6. What are CTR and RPM in Adsense.
  7. Way’s to Receive Payment from Adsense.

Adsense Ad Monetization Technique.

  1. How to Increase CPC of Adsense.
  2. How Block Ad Helps?
  3. How Google Custom Search Increase your Revenue?
  4. What Ads helps you to get more Clicks.
  5. How to Target Countries to get High CPC.

Adsense Quick Steal Technique Guides to Earn More

  1. Adsense Ad Placement guides to get more clicks.
  2. List of Plugins that helps to Add Adsense Codes in your blog.
  3. Top 10 Themes with Adsense ready.
  4. High CPC Ad Method that Gives around $30 per Click from Adsense.
Adsense Guide

So this Adsense guide covers all the topics that you will help you to grow from newbie to a pro, that’s why we call this website problogginghq. In case you want any tutorials or you wanna request anything on Adsense purpose you will get a full support from me on it so never hesitate drop your comment below or use the contact form to contact on anything about this Adsense guide or be it anything.

You can download the Adsense App from here for Android. And also you can download the IOS App from Here too to keep a check on your Adsense Stat using mobiles anytime anywhere when not infront of your System.

Download Adsense for Android.

Download Adsense for IOS.

We keep our contents updated regularly so keep your eyeballs in here.

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