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We all are often confused on what’s the maximum number of Adsense Ad unit that’s allowed in a single page? Now don’t worry I’ll answer to you what’s the number of maximum Ad unit that is allowed on a single page.

Adsense has strict rules so placing too many Ads and making it looks clumsy and sticky will result in ban of your Adsense.

So first know what categories or types of Ads Adsense offers to you.

  • Links Ads (It’s The Best Ad)
  • Text Ad.
  • Text Ads with Images.

Link Ads

Introduction to Adsense Ad Placement

You can add maximum of three Ads in a website. The sizes that Adsense offers are 125 x 125, 120 x 600, 160 x 600, 120 x 240, 180 x 150, 728 x 90, 728 x 15, 234 x 60, etc.

Now you can blend ads according to your website and to me Link ads works best, at the header of your article above the title.

Types Of Ads that Works


There’s something like Custom Search that works best. When you have a big website you can use a developer and place the custom search accordingly to your website so that user gets tricked in that.

Then you Can use Link Ads of size 728 x 15 above the title and making it look alike your text can help you to get some potential people who will use it.

Placing a square Ad unit of 200 x 200 will result in some positive hits in the sidebar.


Till now you understood that you can place maximum of three ads in a single page and the types of Ads that works better.

Also you understood that using custom search can be a great way to earn more money.

Now placing Ads and earning from it is a big experiment so keep on experimenting and share the result with us in this comment section as am also keen to know what Ads worked for you.

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