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kat resurfaces
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kat resurfaces
Well, is blocked and it’ not available from now but don’t be upset as the resurfaced websites has already started emerging from now. The best example is which is same as and the functionality and the resources will be the exact clone of it.

Here are some alternative sites that will help you to give same resources and functionality as


So well with this websites or clones you can say any of it, you can again access kat. Now these sites are hosted on multiple cloud servers and it claims that this time it won’t be possible to prevent any blockade and as well as all hosting information’s will be free from cloud fare by all means.

Sources tell that this time the website is more improved as its mobile optimized. And within few days whole torrent database will be backed up securely.

So it’s very clear now that removing piracy from internet will be a bit tough but getting 30 year old Artem Vaulin could be a bit tough as he is already alleged for distributing well over $1 billion copyrighted items.

Also a petition on him is passed through to free him but before that read the full story here why he is being jailed J

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