We get excited unknowingly when we come across an article placed in a newspaper or be it in a reputed website like Huffington or Newyork times. Imagining yourself as a writer is no craze rather a source of excitement that makes us keep going with a thought that yes I can be a writer too but the fact of overcoming the common guest posting challenges are the primary hardships of life.

Guest blogging is nothing rather than writing on topics that serve your interest like life hacks, daily tips and many more to leave an online presence of yours or what you called self-promotion of who you’re. As at the end of the day, after all we all have something valuable to share, don’t we?

Some says Guest blogging is dead, it’s really not dead now come back to the reality but what’s died is Link-building using poor network blogs. Early back in year 2013, link building had different aspects like using network blogs for link building to upfront your keywords positions but after the announcement from Matt Cutts On Guest blogging, the reality of guest blogging changed. All network blogs were eliminated due to content issues and websites with quality contents were praised rather than websites stuffed with poor link. Well, we don’t want to stop you from guest blogging until and unless the quality of the article is maintained properly so you can make a clear sense on how tough things have become now.

Now if you’re really planning to contribute on a quality sites like Huffington, Forbes, Searchenginejournal then you need something out of the box and here are some quick life hacks that will help you to overcome your guest posting challenges.

guest posting challenges

Finding the Right Topic

You may come up with a though that I want to contribute for say Huffington but in reality saying and contributing are the two sides of a coin getting the balance is really tough. Now let me be the editor of Huffington, the first question that I will ask you is what makes you better than all writer? Second is do you have any topics that’s not published before?

Now these two questions are enough to lower your confidence level but wait. Have patience, don’t be down so fast. Here I have something that will help you to gather 1000 different ideas to write on without getting puzzled at the beginning.

Now you’re having a heap of ideas in your mind, but wait its mind not a storage database let’s play safe. Try to make a word sheet and quickly note down your topics.


My Ideas Are Ready; Where To Send It?

That’s the common dilemma, finding the editor is really a tough job to overcome. Many fail many succeed but the fact is everything needs a little smartness and am sure you won’t get surprised by seeing my technique.

Most of you don’t know the editors background, gender so mostly addressing the person with wrong gender is our basic mistake.

Everything starts with a friendship so don’t be in a hurry try to engage with them in social media. Grab their twitter accounts try to follow them. Share their posts by spreading a word of love and am sure their eyeballs will fall on you. Engagement is the key of success, now once you both know each other don’t shoot your email with an attached article rather have patience and shoot your ideas, see how he or she reacts?

Now you need to know whom you’re sending what. There are different sections in a website and you have to know who fits perfectly for you. Pitching a gaming article to a finance author is trying to fire on an army tank which makes no sense as the outcome is always zero or negative.

Be professional, having a professional touch in your email formats works best. Try to eliminate any grammatical or spelling mistakes on your first emails as that throws a great impression towards the blogger on what you’re.

ideas are ready

Creating a Sample of your Writings

Many Editors comes up with a common terms and conditions like send us three samples of your previous writings along with your ideas. Well, samples are just to acknowledge your quality of writing and don’t get afraid if you don’t have any past samples.

Websites like Ezine Articles, Behance helps you to add your portfolios to work upon. The only thing that matters there are quality and your article gets posted for free. And the most important thing is they are always in need of articles so the approval time is not so long.

The Format Of Pitching Your Ideas That GrabsEyeBalls!

Well, everything has its proper manner so does pitching an article has. May be different people will have their own formats that works best for them but me with my 4 years of experiment and expertise has something that’s kinda different from others. But the basic is researching a bit about the person whom you’re sending.

  • The Subject Line: It should be crystal clear, short and informative as it’s the first thing where the editor’s eye drops.

  • Welcome Greeting, with Editors name. Be clear with the gender.

  • Introduce yourself: Say who you’re? What brought you here? And what do you do?

  • Now your idea? How can it be beneficial for the website? Why is it unique in details

  • Verdict and attach your samples of previous writings.

  • Additionally you can leave a signature of yours with social media profiles to get in touch with you, which looks professional.

Here Is the Format that’s correctly blended……

Hi (Name)

My Name is Ashley Christopher and I have been a reader for your blog for a week or months ( on your wish) and now absolutely in love with all the easy tips you’re giving.  I’m a rookie when it comes to that!

I was with a thought that are you accepting some guest posts and if I could be a part of it either:

Your Idea 1 (How to make a XYZ food)


Your Idea 2 (How to make a ZXY food)

If you think these ideas fits perfectly for you then I would be more than happy if I can contribute an article for your reader and will start right the way!

I hope to hear from you

(Your Name!)

(Your Social profiles)

So here is something that’s short sweet and fits perfectly for the editor. All are in a hurry so be short and informative.

Here is an Example Of what Fails:


That’s All Folk!

As I repeat again the biggest hardship of life is publishing a guest post without fails as the result is always like a coin getting the balance is a rare chance. Rejections are common and that’s what makes us keep motivating and help us to write more and more so don’t get disappointed just move on with pitching your samples and well formatted letter. You can also choose an easy way by using a guest post finder, it will surely help you to find more blogs.

Always try to be different from the crowd or else how will the editor or your followers differentiate you so just keep motivating engage your editors through your writings so that the outcome is your article is published and we look forward for more from you…

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