How to fix GPS signal not found for Pokemon Go

GPS Signal Not Found
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GPS Signal ErrorPokemon Go,
GPS signal not found? Is this the error? Don’t worry it can be fixed easily in any Smartphone if the problem is persisting in. Well, before that as we all know still if you’re not aware then Pokemon Go is a reality mobile game solely based on your location and is available to play for free. Developed by Niantic and published by The Pokemon Company is one of the most inspiring release on the year 2016 for its remarkable overnight success behind which lies a 20 years hard work unnoticed.

Coming to the point most of you are facing this problem GPS signal not found… Well I too Had this problem but don’t worry here is the fix for it. I’m using a HTC desire 620 g to illustrate it but the procedure goes same for all.

Reason behind GPS Signal not found in Pokemon Go

The reasons are pretty straight either your Location is turned off. It can also be that you have marked it to its default values to save the power of its battery consumption. So don’t worry here is the fix.

  1. Turn of Your Game Completely.
  2. Go To Setting in Your Smart Phone.
  3. After That Go to Location.
  4. Next Click On Mode.
  5. A set of Location Mode will come up.
  6. Choose “High Accuracy” It includes the Use of GPS, WIFI and Mobile networks to determine the location which fits fine in this transaction.
  7. You’re Done… Come Back and Start the Game.
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Well, I’m adding a photo illustration to help you cope up with this problem of GPS signal not found in Pokemon Go, amaze me with your comments on its really solved for you or not and don’t hesitate to send your thoughts if you get any problem on anything, I’ll be happy to help you!

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