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Ghostbusters Social Media Marketing Analysis

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You won’t be surprised hearing about Ghostbusters? But did you ever thought about Ghostbusters social media marketing or how worthy it was? The series of skeptical controversies aroused when the first trailer was launched in, was that their cheap social media marketing tactics? We’ll be patient we’re here to make some sense out of the whole transaction. Now here I represent a depth of Ghostbusters social media marketing analysis so you judge yourself was it useful or it went in vain?

Social Engagement

Here is an outlook of Ghostbusters social engagements, taking in account of their Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts considering fans and followers respectively.

  • Facebook: 3,044,717
  • Twitter: 59,000
  • Instagram: 64,000

Depth Analysis on the Information provided

The first debate that strikes us while understanding the social media marketing analysis of Ghostbuster movie is are things appropriate and as clear as an ice?

Let’s dive back a bit, considering the film Ghostbusters, we all were left in a mirage that it’s the remake of Ghostbusters original, considering the major difference to be an alternate in gender. The uses of gifs and videos were really a point worth to be appreciated because audience likely love things in short and no sound.

Many might thought it was a remake of the original but they took less care on that part of clearing them which we can take as a negative part in the whole context.

Uses of Small Description Against Hash tag

Well, Hash tags are awesome to reach wide audiences to a large scale but what about adding some contents over it? Uses of hash tag can be a fantasy to many an older men or women who don’t have much knowledge on this part so you can say that it was really a smart move from Ghostbusters to capture a huge scale of audiences.

More Improvements are needed to be taken care by Ghostbusters next time

Neither had they showed importance to the criticism proposed to them nor any active participation in clearing the doubt of audiences. Contents were published, eyeballs were grabbed but controversy remained as it is. Even brands like Sony comes up to clear the controversy alleged to them and answers them occasionally over film production.

If not a lesson could be learnt from the marvel on which at the beginning “Thor is a woman and iron man is a black girl” the reaction was quick and the brand and the social media team cleared all the controversies.

Next time during the social media events the participation of social media team of Ghostbuster will help them to reduce a great amount of stress from actors, directors and producers.

Three Social Media Marketing Failures of Ghostbusters to Prevent Next Time

Social Engagements: People love when their brands hear from them so following the tweets and dropping some comments if not in many but few in particular do a great job.

Social Pages: It can be all are busy but a little time should be taken in hand or appointing a moderator and updating the social pages can be a great way to engage your audiences and keep them coming again and again.

Social Events: The active participation of social media team can be a great factor to control the unusual controversy and discussion springing on the movie.

How Did Audiences took over it?

The reply was positive indeed. Yet the racism tweets was sent to the Ghostbusters star “ Leslie Jones” which led her to quit twitter yet the support from the brand helped her a lot. You can see how people took on this?


Final Thoughts!

Many may hate or love this movie but the way they created controversy and enormous discussion from the start of the trailer won many hearts even of mine. But they fail eventually in many points yet that’s all okay for me.. What’s your take o it?

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