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Girl confused on Song
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Girl confused on SongLife’s strange! It’s really strange, many a times while walking on the streets or roaming round the market suddenly you find a voice struck in front of you. What is this song? I’m sure you’re on a dilemma about what the song is… Oh! Yeah I liked that song… What’s the song Man! Why, Why it’s me who always forget these… I wanna hear it again… Oh! Christ! Help Me!

I bet Christ! Can’t help you regarding these matters but these super charged tricks will help you to find what was that song… or what is this song all same lol!


Next time when you find a song is playing near you and you’re just wandering what song is this then don’t worry take your iPHONE up from your pocket and then open the app and hold it near the song. You can also use blackberry, windows or Java phones to use this app and identify the song.

The App Costs nearly $3 a month and works perfectly with pre-recorded music’s. Cool na!

Audio Tag

It’s an online platform.. Suppose you’re in a mid of a song then you can just record a bit of that song. With that recording voice you can upload the clip in Audio tag, once uploaded it will try to figure out what was the song by itself.

Don’t be surprised, it’s not a Sunday joke… They have a huge database of music’s. So they will just try to figure out what the song is from their huge database.


Suppose things fails at Audio tag.. And you aren’t able to track what was the song is then don’t panic as WatZatSong is there for you… It also has a huge database to keep a check on your track. It works best with your Android and iPhone’s and the online community makes a huge difference in the whole deal.


Shazam is the most accurate music platform to find your song. It works best both online and offline as you can use the music tags to find songs when out of connections. Also the feature of Quest adds a great taste in the whole context to find your desired songs. It works great in Android, iPhone and also a desktop version is available for all.

Melody catcher

The name itself suggests everything. Haa Haaa, the thing is very Cool, You just have to play a song on using the virtual keyboard and after that it will find the track of the song you’re looking for. It’s a simple java based program so it’s not that heavy to tackle with…


Till now you’ve learnt how to know what song is this by using different platforms like adding a recording or using a virtual keyboard how about by using the tune. Well, that’s exciting yeah it is. Just remember the tune of the song and then using a mic just sing or upload the tune… That’s all it, it will figure what the song is….

It is available on Android, iPhone and also on web interference so that makes everything wrapped up and easy to use…


Well flocks, that’s all. I hope these websites are enough to figure out what is this song next time when a melody just tickles on your mind while travelling around or in mid of work or be it anything… More to that I hope you enjoyed this post. If so just drop your valuable comments as I lounge for seeing it..

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  • Ohh wow!! this is something I always wanted to know. There are some songs which are catchy, melodious and you have no way to get that song. But now I know, how to do that.
    thanks once again!!!

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