Whatsapp check marks

whatsapp check marks
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whatsapp check marksWhatsapp check marks, did you ever thought that what does these different whatsapp check marks really means? If not till now then don’t worry we are here to solve it out. Before that you should know that there are only four sorts of check marks on whatsapp. They are as follows

Whatsapp Clock check marks

This is the condition when your phone is in an ideal state. The major causes can be network failure or the person whom you’re messaging has his phone switched off or the device is simply connection lessJ. Check whether your device is in a “Airplane mode” or not as it’s a major issue too.

Whatsapp Single grey tick check marks

You’re saved your message is now successfully sent to the person you wrote for. Now deleting the message from your phone will also not work as it is already sent to him or herJ.

Whatsapp Double grey tick check marks

Abruptly now you can say that the user whom you have messaged has successfully received your message and it’s waiting on his feed to be read by him. Now it completely depends on him or her when they will read your message and the color will change from grey to blue.

Whatsapp Double blue tick check marks

Cheers! Your message has been read by the person for whom you have sent for. It means that the user not only received the message but also went through reading it so the color of the whatsapp check turned to blue J

Whatsapp check mark tricks!

Now you can do a bit trick with check marks. Simply hold the whatsapp message read by you and mark it as unread, the color will automatically change from blue to grey on the other side. This is a perfect treatment for someone who is annoying you on whatsapp so take the most out of this feature.


Now you’ve a total concept on the four whatsapp check marks hope it helps to understand the current status of your friend and you can easily find out if someone else is ignoring you on whatsapp or not. Well, it’s both beneficial and non-beneficial as you are getting notified about everything so the whole matter is a bit confidential but let’s keep it simple and keep coming back to ProbloggingHq for more exciting posts and please drop your comments, I thrive for it J

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