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Thisiswhyimbroke Complete Blueprint On How they Generate an Income of $30k

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Thisiswhyimbroke is a great website that generates a huge income through their blog on selling amazon products and also through Ads. If calculated roughly thisiswhyimbroke makes an average income of $30K. Now the fact resides on how they are generating so much income and how you can implement this same blueprint for your blog too. I can’t guarantee you that you can generate the same $30k as done by them but at least if not the same you can generate 10% of them surely by following my guidelines.

Our Spotlights!

  • How thisiswhyimbroke is generating $30K in a Month!
  • How You Can implement their Tactics on your Own Blog

Thisiswhyimbroke Introduction!

Thisiswhyambroke is an online platform co-founded by Adam Freedman in the year 2011. Now this website is mostly accessed by Males who are in college. I am not lying you can check from here J. Blog traffic.

Initial days was hard for this blog, it had no traffic. The Web owner used to use the social bookmarking website named Reditt and used to place ads in it. The whole website was on dark until someone recommended them on the first page and the tale starts from there.

The rate of Paid advertising has shifted to Google Adwords and Facebook Ads and more to that they have well established their brand. You Can learn more about his Policies from here 😛

How thisiswhyimbroke is Generating so Much Income!

The website uses various platforms like Advertisement and Amazon Products. At the top of the website you can see there is a catchy bar that highlight’s products under $20. It sounds quite economical and creates a din for everyone. Now gift under $20 has those products listed on thisiswhyimbroke that gives them a good commission to hold on.

The buttons are well positioned, the titles of the products are catchy and the images used are completely relevant. The website uses “Cookies Policy” so at least if they don’t meet up with your requirements but there could be some possible chance of “Clicking on Advertisements” that does the same work for them.

Other Website with Same Design Vs thisiswhyimbroke!

Here is an analysis, we are taken two websites that are a likely using the same design but what’s the difference that stands it to be unique.

Thisiswhyimbroke Vs Mommyiwantthis


The website design is unbeatable when it comes to thisiswhyimbroke as the header comes with a bar code and the ability to easily browse the product of your desired choice under desired price and creating an account easily.

Whereas the design used for mommyiwantthis is quite basic just installing a plugin “Sumo Me” and adding the Sumo bar is not an ideal choice so you got the point 1 difference while creating your Niche blog.

Primary Menu

An Easy Menu that consists of four portions for our thisiswhyimbroke that includes “Newest” “Popular” “Price range” “gift under $20” so you are getting everything in one place. Also there is an advancement of filtering your budget that makes it more unique and user friendly from others

Now Mommy I want this basically lacks a price filter but in addition it comes with a “Blog” page yet not that much “Professional” in outlook.


The contents of both the website stands same yet I will give a heads up to thisiswhyimbroke as it comes with the ability to know the price which mommyiwantthis lacks J But the Ad placement is quite good in terms of our first website.


The ease of sharing stands high for thisiswhyimbroke and also the ability to save your products makes it an ideal choice for everyone surrounded on the web.

What is Their Source of Traffic

The website started gathering traffic from reditt and stumbleupon through paid ads. Now the traffic source is changed and is shifted to Google Adwords and facebook Campaign. The search engine traffic is merge yet the ease of name brings a ton of traffic to it.

He revealed his secret of his main traffic which he generated from Knowd.

How you can implement their tactics on your own blog.

Create a user friendly domain name that’s short unique and easy to remember. Approve Amazon affiliates and choose the product based on their niche. You can opt for Paid Advertisement at your initial stages.

Browse the website and try to create an user friendly custom panel for your website. Try Approving, rather pointing for specific locations like “” or “Amazon.Us” so that user can forward themselves according to their demography.

Email Marketing!

Once you are having your specific niche, you can look to by emails from database holding companies. Buying a handful emails and using platforms like Aweber helps you to forward bulk emails.

Buying Adslots!

Buying Ad slots from website with tons of traffic not only gives a boost to your website but also sends targeted traffic to your blog.


The main thing about this website is its design so you need to replicate a design like this to boost up your income. You can’t copy them the same or use the products same like them as there are 1000s of competitor on the same niche so look for a niche with low traffic to give it a charm.

You can hire a web developer who has great knowledge on PHP and CSS along with HTML then they can help you to better come up with a simple effortless design like them.


This is the exact blueprint of their statistic, how they are generating traffic, how you can replicate the same and create a website as worthy as thisiswhyimbroke.

The search engine traffic is as less as 9% due to short descriptions yet the brand popularity and right placement of ads with tricky call to action is doing everything for the owner. The main factor that plays the role is the design of the blog so hiring a designer is must for your first blog if you are not a web designer.

Now after you watch their websites for few a minute it can be that you get to see their advertisement in your browser pages so you can keep a track on their leads and the methods of lead generation. To take a broader aspect you can steal their categories, I prefer don’t go for tech and wearable’s rather go for household items where the probability is high to be sold off.

A good Luck from Me for your New Niche Blog!

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