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Shortcut Virus remover in a minute from PC/Laptop/ Memory Cards Permanently

Shortcut virus remover
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Shortcut virus remover, Yes this virus really screws your head up and down. It keeps on multiplying and doesn’t gets removed by formatting 🙁 Here’s a solution to of “Shortcut virus remover in a minute from PC/Laptop/Memory cards permanently or simply the advanced guide of shortcut virus remover 🙂

Now we promised to remove the shortcut virus in a minute right? So we won’t look for any codes to use through CMD right? We just want an automated source to remove the shortcut virus for us, here’s the step how to do it 🙂

Method #1 USB Fix For Shortcut Virus Remover

  • At first you need to download USB Fix
  • Once downloaded make sure there are no application running at the background, do the necessary checks with your Firewall and with an antivirus if you have so
  • Now Just simply Connect the Infected Memory Card or Pendrive.
  • Choose your infected folder and hit on clean…
  • It’s Cleaned without leaving any foot prints.
  • Your Virus is Removed in a minute…………..

Method #2 Shortcut Virus Remover Software

  • At first you need to download shortcut virus remover.
  • Once downloaded, disable your Firewall and Antivirus, keeping in mind the whole background apps are closed.
  • You will be given two options to select, your Pendrive or Computer.
  • Hit on the option accordingly to your Infected files and folder.
  • Do a quick Scan on the Pathways.
  • Hit on delete once it detects the viruses.
  • You are done, you removed the virus successfully. 🙂

Final Thoughts

Well as promised I showed you the way about Shortcut virus remover that works like a charm in this year 2016.. Do impress me with your comments, Loll! I really love to hear about your views and am sure you will love this article a lot so keep sharing and caring my website.

If You are thinking you can remove the virus using CMD, then unluckily you are mistaken because it only removes the files not the folder…. 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂




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