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How to Solve the Error This webpage has a redirect loop

This webpage has a redirect loop
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This webpage has a redirect loop or redirect loop this sort of errors are most common when you are surfing websites so we have came up with a solution to fix redirect loop error. At first we need to understand that what is redirect loop or why does it says this line “This webpage has a redirected loop

What is redirect Loop?

This is an Error that persists for too many redirects on a website, the error code is “310” and it will look similar to this Error 310 (net:: ERR_TOO_MANY_REDIRECTS): There were too many redirects.

Redirect Loop Solved

The way to solve redirect loop is as simple as clearing the cookies, so if you know how to clear cookies go ahead or else I am directing you the whole procedure from step by step.

  • Go to Google Chrome and Select the “Wrench Icon”( The Rightmost Icon Under Exit).
  • A list of Menus will Pop Out.
  • Go to Settings. ( Under Edit You can locate Settings).
  • Show Advance Settings.
  • Now In Privacy > Select Clear Browsing Data.
  • Choose “Cookies and other Site Plugin” and “Cached Image files”.
  • Set the duration to be “Beginning of time”.
  • And click On clear Browsing Data…. You are Done!!!

Now you can give a hard refresh to your page or simply restarting Google chrome will do the job. Uses of Ccleaner can also do the job for you….

If you are still struggling with redirect loop then do let me know I will be happy to solve it for you 🙂

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