How to make a backup of your Blogspot Blog

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Blogspot is one of the best free web platform to start up your online presence. It’s a platform co-owned by Google that helps to run your own blog and also helps you to host your custom domains for free 😛 . If you don’t know how to start with your blogspot blog then here is the perfect guide that you can check out  😛

Create a blogspot blog.

Well now you know the exact process of creating your blog. You may have also written many a articles till now. Obviously nothing is stationary and perfect in this world so there can always be some chances for some data losses?

So how to prevent data loss of your blogspot blog? Why don’t make a data backup of your blogspot blog? It will not only help you to protect against losing your contents but will also secure you from all sorts of threats.


Making a Backup of Your Blogspot Blog!

Here is a simple step by step guide of making the backup.

  • At first Go to the Dashboard of your Blogspot Account
  • Then Go to the setting Option.
  • Chose the sub-section “Other” from settings.
  • Click On Backup up Contents!

Your Content is now backed up and saved to your Computer. It will be saved in XML format. Cheers! You made a backup of your blogspot blog.


Make sure to do a weekly backup of all your contents. If the website is a bit heavy then a monthly backup sounds fine  J . You can simply click on Import in case of data losses to get back all your contents J

If there are any questions regarding to this then feel free to ask that to me.

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