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How to get on Facebook when it is blocked

How to get on facebook when blocked
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Today we will be learning on how to get on Facebook when it is blocked. If you are in an Organization say under premises of School or college or under any work campus then you are tagged with “Facebook is Blocked” as most of this premises won’t allow you to access this social media website. Now many of you might be with a thought of “how to access Facebook when it is blocked” Here’s the complete list of solution regarding this matter 😛

Before heading to the topic here are two things that you will never try to open your Facebook if it is blocked, it’s important so am stating it before.

  • Hiding The IP (Please never ever do it or your Facebook will be blocked only)
  • Tor Browser (It bounces to many a IP’s so never)

In both of these your IP address duplicates to other countries thus Facebook get’s confused for different location and thinks someone is trying to hack your account. For an Example You opened the account from India and someone is trying to open the same account from USA, don’t you think it sounds fishy so does Facebook thinks 😛

Method #1 To Access Facebook When Blocked

Let’s start with Easy ones so “Google servers” are something that fits perfectly upon this category.  Identifying the issue first, you can use this method when you can assume that the organization has blocked it using DNS server.

Here’s how a Google DNS server looks like 🙂

Google DNS Server address:,

Here’s the step to implement it,

  • Open My Computer and Head to Control Panel.
  • Choose your necessary connection status.
  • Make a backup of the Original status to revert it once you are done.
  • Now right click on connection status and changes the TCP/IP values with this.
  • Just put the above DNS server…. You are done.

This Method works only if there is a blocked DNS server so you should move ahead to method 2 to see if there’s any other ways used to block access to Facebook.

Method #2 to Open Facebook When Blocked

This method will guide you to determine whether Facebook is blocked by IP address or not? So here is the guide again for it.

  • Go to start and search “Run”
  • Do a Ping test by inputting the “ping -t
  • Now it will show you the IP address of

Method #3 to Access Facebook when Blocked

Proxies that counts yes. Many a times you will see that torrent websites are blocked by government for a selected region but typing say “Kickass Unblock” helps you to access the website where as typing “” says file or directory doesn’t exists. This process is kinda similar to that here are list of sites that helps you to unblock Facebook.


Well that’s not the end, just Google it and you will find thousand of such sites popping around your eyeballs 🙂

Method #4 to Access Facebook when Blocked

Well just make sure that the date and time of your PC or laptop is updated or else there are SSL Certificates problem that you can assume as my Facebook is blocked loll!! In that case correct your time it will work like a charm.

Make sure that your System is not infected with any sort of viruses that’s preventing you from accessing Facebook or not.

You can try VPN servers that can help you to access Facebook when blocked.

Final thought!

Hooray! You now know how to get on facebook when it’s blocked. You are aware of all possibilities to overcome your situations. If any problem still persists then do give me a shout and I will be happy to help you on it.


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  • I am traveling in china and facebook is blocked! I ended up using a vpn like from arcvpn to bypass the block.

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