How to Add Pages on Your BlogSpot Blog

Blogspot pages
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Adding pages to your blogspot blog is a great task to accomplish. The different types of pages that you will be needed in particular is your “About Us , “Contact Us” and “ ”Privacy policy” pages. But the sole de facto is how will I do it I’m new to blogspot.  First of all you need to know these basic things that includes.

Now you are ready for the next step as you already know how you can create a blog and how to make a backup of it for security issues.

Blogspot pages

Add Pages on Your Blogspot Blog

At first go to Pages, and then click on New Page. Give your Page a necessary title and fill up your page with Contents!

You can fill up the content of the page in two ways either by HTML format or by normal texts.

Once you have created your page you have several options that includes saving or Publishing it on your blog.

Once you hit on publish you will see that your first page is published. Cheers you created your first page with blogspot now people can see your live pages online. Well creating a new page is as easy as opening a loose bottle. The basic thing that should be kept in mind is the content of your blog. You can add custom forms, Maps that are created in HTML format. Also you can opt for call in buttons for better sales. If you are creative by nature then creating landing pages to gain potential customers is also a great choice.

Hope you enjoyed the post; feel free to share your valuable thoughts on creating your first blogspot page! Also if there are any errors or problems regarding to it then you can give me a shout here.

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