How to add Meta Description and Custom Permalinks on Blogspot

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Adding Meta description and custom permalinks are always a thought for every blogger who are new especially in blogspot. Many fail many succeed and some even don’t know the meaning of Meta description only.

Well, Meta description on blogspot is the HTML attribute that provides the basics of the content of the webpage. In short it gives an explanation of the content. Its sole function is to display snippet in search results.

Now, let’s quickly dive into Meta description part and lt us learn how to add it 😛

Add meta description on blogspot website

Adding Meta Description on Blogspot Website!

At first go to your Blogger Dashboard You will see a well Set Blogger Dashboard. Go to the Setting Option from there. Once you are in the setting. Choose Search Preference.

Now go to Meta tags from there. This is your website Meta Tag. Select Enable Meta Description. And give your desired Meta description.

Note: This is your website Meta description. Don’t make it more than 150-160 charecters. This is how your website search snippet will look after anyone types your website Url.

Meta Desc2

Adding Meta Description on Blogspot Posts

Now for this create a new blog post. Go to dashboard, create a new blog post. After that go to the search description of the website that is your Meta description. Write the description you want and make it keyword focused. Try to bold your important keywords that work better.

Note: If you have articles without Meta description or Search Description then simply click on Edit and make sure you add the description.

Adding Permalinks to your Blogspot Post

You can add a Custom blogspot permalink easily. While you are writing a post you will get an option os Permalinks at the right side of your Post Page. There will be two options one automatically make a permalink or give a custom permalink of your choice. It’s easy to set it up for an automatically one unless you have the knowledge of using separators.

Note: If a post is published and it is set to use automatically permalink then it is not possible to add a custom permalink in it.


Now you have the total knowledge of adding Meta description on your blog post and website. Hope you will rock with your website and earn more money using it. Good luck J





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