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Blogspot is one of the best platforms for bloggers from all around the world. It’s free to create a blog from here and make most out of it. Don’t worry it’s a newbie guide for all the ones who are using blogspot so I will cover everything in as many details possible so that you don’t need to seek elsewhere and you will understand everything from the scratch.

create a blog on blogspot




Blogspot is a platform of Google that helps you to create your own blog easily in just few steps. It helps you to host your custom domain too if you want for free.  It comes up with pre-built themes that are easy to customize to give your blog a complete professional look.  And the presence of Adsense associated with Blogspot helps you to make a hell lot of money out of your blog J Ain’t that awesome?

create a blog on blogspot


Blogspot: Step1 to create a blog on blogspot

At first go to by simply clicking on this link J. You will  be asked to input your login credential that includes your email address and password for “”. Once you are login you will see a confirmation page that says you will be redirected to blogger platform to create your first blog. Then continue to blogger.

Now it’s time to create your blog on blogspot  🙂 click on new blog.

create a blog on blogspot


Blogspot: Step 2 to create a blog on blogspot

You have already applied for creating a new blog so a new page will come up for you. It has three sections. You’re “Blog title”, Your Blog “address” and the variety of “template” to choose from.  Quickly fill the details with your preferences and your new blog will be ready for its first outlook on blogspot. So quickly click on “create a blog!”

It will confirm you your blog is created successfully.

Note: Check the availability of the domain name. Don’t get confused at that part 😛

create a b


Blogspot: Step 3 to create a blog on blogspot

Aloha! Let’s take a quick look to your Dashboard. There’s a left sidebar that will have sections like “Over view”, “Post”, “Pages”, “Comments”, “Google+”, “Stats”, “Earnings” , “Campaign”, “Layout” and “templates”.

Each name suggests their significance but now it’s time for you to create your first blogspot post and gather your audience. Just click on “new post” come up with an eye catchy headline and start up your new blog.


Handling blogspot and creating your blog was never so easy as before without this excellent post so support me upi with your comments and social shares as I really need those for a bit motivation…..

And good luck with your first blogspot website.

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