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auto follow twitterAuto follow twitter, yes now you can automatically follow the one back who followed you on twitter. These best five free auto follow twitter tools helps us to follow people more easily than never before.

These tools needs a bit manual push as Auto follow twitter facility is currently stopped by twitter you can read more about this fact here.

Twitter Following feature guides.

Moving to the topic today we will be discussing five tool present in online that helps you to keep a track on who followed you on twitter helps you to auto follow that same person. Also helps them to know about their tweets and mutual friends.

Social Loomph

This is the best auto follow twitter tool to help you manage all your twitter updates, emails and tweets. It also helps you in determining how many times you were called upon or being spotlighted on different tweets from different accounts.

You just need a set of keyword with you. After that you can autofollow everyone with that same niche you chosen for.

A professional account may cost you around $29 but it does a hell lot of task that includes managing facebook, wordpress, tumblr and much more accounts.

Friend Or Follow

Yes a simple but also a reliable tools that manages all your task and helps you generate report on each case. After you will integrate this with your twitter then you will have the option to see who are following you and whom you are following. After that you can generate the whole report in a CSV format. Tallying that you can determines who follows you and who don’t. A little manual push will help you to decide whom to keep following whom not to.

Flash Tweet

A single profile in “Flash Tweet” will help you to access multiple twitter account on same roof. Yes that’s the best feature of this tool. A complete tool to bulk auto follow or nofollow peoples. Helps you to insert your RSS feed for better reading. A complete geographical search option is present to choose the one who serves you best on your location and keyword based followers suitable to your niche. An all in one tool for all your twitter needs.

Auto Tweeting

An automated tool that helps you to add more than 3500 twitters in a week. Averagely 500 in a day that’s good for startup. Not only the facts reside here, all auto followers are based on your interest and your geographical location. It also helps you to determin who are not following you back so that you can unfollow them at no time.

Twitter karma

Just a click away from the “Whack Button” and see the magic. At first sign in with twitter with your login credential. Once you logged in, click on that whack button. You will be able o filter between your friends and followers and take actions accordingly. You can follow or unfollow them at anytime. Also it helps in bulk auto follow.


Well you have five best applications to Auto follow twitter accounts. It not only helps you to provide actionable analytics but also helps you to execute it for free. These are some of the best auto follow twitter sites hope you will make the best out of it. Don’t just read the post but also be kind to leave your thought or to say a thank you to me J


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