Top 10 Software’s to Create your First ebook

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It’s not always that useful software will help you to create your first ebook, rather an efficient Ebook software will sound ideal for your e-book creation. Your first Ebook is your start or your identity so make sure it’s awesome. If the start is not good then the end won’t be too.

Well, I have no cause to make you afraid, don’t worry you will make it awesome with these “Top 10 Software’s for first Ebook creation”. And things doesn’t ends here you will have a great sell on Amazon too if your words have that potential to rise high J… Well I have no cause to make you greedy or to give you any false allegation so you already know the tactics of how to promote your ebook, If not ? Check the guide below 🙂

So let’s not wait anymore and dive ahead to find the top 10 software’s to create your first Ebook…….


Ohh! Man, forgive me but I don’t know why, I really don’t know why I have such a fatal attraction towards this Plugin L L .. Yeah! You heard me right this is a plugin, an awesome wordpress plugin that helps you to convert your blog post into ebook and create your first ebook… You can easily categories the posts and filter it accordingly. Also things doesn’t resides here you can easily convert blog posts into PDF or HTML format J… Sounds great na? Not so soon, as you will be amazed to hear that you can choose various layouts to design your first ebook. Won’t you be amazed if you hear that the plugin is completely free and only demands you to create an account at “”


Pressbooks, If you think it’s free, it’s completely not.. Yeah! you can use it to create an ebook, you can edit thy chapthers you wish to or to add any chapter or anything but at the end of the day you will be stacked with a water mark 😛 and to remove it a lifetime sum of $19.99 is needed so think twice before using it 😛

Convert word to pdf

















This thing needs no introduction I guess, most of are using Google docs daily for various type of purposes but you will be amazed to hear that you can convert your text into a PDF. By simply going to the “Google drive” you can redirect to “Google Doc”, once done “Type your text” after that go to “File” choose the option “Download as” and select “PDF Document.”


Similar to Beacon, you can also create an ebook from blog posts. A numerous number of styles are widely available for you to choose from in order to design your e-book. The feature of converting the E-book and exporting in PDF, MOBI and EPUB format makes it worthwhile.

Open Office

It’s a very small applicationJ , you can easily avail it at torrents for premium version. Don’t worry if you don’t have any premium version because the application is completely free J In a couple of minutes after your document is ready you can easily Export in PDF format J


This is a two in one e-book management as it not only helps you to manage your e-book but also to use as a viewer. It comes up with some custom features like storing e-book and organizing them into libraries and converting it into PDF, MOBI and EPUB. The whole layout is kept in mind for beginners so you can easily predict that it will be user friendly.


Is your documents ready? Did you design your cover? If these are ready then don’t worry just go to “” Upload everything in their desired places and convert into “.mobi and .epub” format easily for free J


I will better suggest you to watch some tutorials from “”. It’s an all in one tool to design some extremely adorable e-books filled with rich graphics. If you are thinking it to be free then sorry but you got it wrong L it needs an annual subscription of $29.99 annually.  So if you are ready to invest then don’t worry you will surely make a Pro E-book J

Kindle Gen

Kindle Gen is the application that helps you to convert any HTML or any other sort of E-books to the Kindle book format. This is a well-known format of selling books in Amazon.  A little help with “Youtube” tutorials will help you to make you a great deal in this format. A pre-ready “read me” document is available with the Kindle package so don’t worry it won’t be a big deal to figure it out J


We spoke about windows user and online tools but didn’t utter any word for Mac users so this is something for both Mac and Ipad users. As it comes with a retina clear display so your user will be able to have a clear view of your book……. Note this software is only for “Mac and Ipad” users.

What do you think?

Yes!! Am confused, am really confused as am longing for your thought that are these worth software’s for create your first ebook… Believe me they are…. Why to believe me? Give them a try and amaze me with the outcome 🙂 Well you can use this both offline and online so you need not have to think about network coverage every time…..

Now please amaze me with your comments and if you think that there is something better that is worth worthy to be added here then don’t forget to pitch it up here 🙂


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