Must Read Tips Before Buying a Domain from Bluehost

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Domain! The identity of your blog… when you are with a thought of starting your blog the first thing that strikes your mind is your domain which defines your blog so you should always avail this must read tips before buying a domain from bluehost.

Quite controversial when I say buying a domain from bluehost when there are numerous leading websites that sells domain J So for understanding the reason you need to go through this

Bluehost Review 2016

Now after reading this you already know that if you are hosting with bluehost hosting then you are getting a domain for free…. Yes you heard it right! So now let’s step ahead on buying a domain from bluehost and finding the appropriate that suits with you.

Domain Name

Firstly identify what you want to do? Whether you want to be a blogger or you want to create a blog for business or anything… Make sure that the domain name you are choosing has the main keyword in it. Just for a minute say I have a “Momo Shop” at Barasat Kolkata. The name of my shop is “King Momo” so I should atleast has a name like “momoking.com” or “Kingmomo.com” or anything that has relevancy with your keyword…. Not like “Barasatfoodshop” that has no relevancy with the product “Momo” that you will be selling on your website…

Now why did I used the extension “.com” for this you need to check this excellent post by WordPress that will teach you the reason behind it…..

Why .com is better than any other extension.

Domain Name Variety

You can avail a larger number of varieties of domain with extensions like “.TV, .me, gen.in, firm.in” depending upon your business of choose wisely and act smartly as the domain is the frame root of your startup.  And the variety of different extensions makes it worthwhile to choose for J

Bluehost Vs Godaddy

A Hosting with a free domain in comparison with “Unlimited email account, bandwidth” fits the deluxe plan of “Godaddy” and it prices as much as Inr 309 or $5 per month whereas you get the same plan as low as $3.45 per month in Bluehost so think now? Why are you thinking let’s go for a test drive as you can cancel it any time with money back guarantee.

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Final Thoughts!

Now, you are pretty aware about buying a domain and you already know what are the must read tips before buying a domain and identifying the need of it. So I will be awaiting for your thoughts and experience on buying a domain from bluehost.






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