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Are you looking to host files on github or want to know about github hosting? Then am pretty confident that you came at the right place in order to know about using github for hosting files…. Don’t be in a hurry let’s known a bit about it. Well github is a website for hosting code source and you can also use it for writing purpose too. Also the feature of comparing text files throws more light on it. Now let’s head on the topic 🙂

Hosting files on Github

You can upload any of your file with the help of browser, unlikely the platform has similarities as like that of Google drive. In contrary to this the files you will upload will be publically shared and anyone can download it.

Note: 1) Each file is limited to a size of 25mb. You can’t exceed that limit.

Now let’s check the following steps to host files on github

Task 1

Go to “Github” after that fill all the information and opt for a Free account.

Task 2

A page will come up where you will have an option to create a new repository. You have to give your repository folder then the name of the folder and finally after describing the folder you are all set to go.

Task 3

You are done with creating a repository and you have filled all the mandatory platforms now you can make it private but you have to have a monthly subscription for it so better leave it to be free and start importing your codes now.

Why Hosting files on Github

It gives you unlimited bandwidth which is the best part of it… Keeping in mind of this you will also be able to view PDF, images and text also due to the built in preview feature.

More features include the power of embedding files. Here is an example how to do it. Suppose our file is “” then the embedded version can be done easily by adding “?raw=true”


Now you are all set to host files on github and also share your experience with me J

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